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3 tips you should know before attending a student conference

28th February, 2017 by C:F Team
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3 tips about attending a student conference & 1 recommendation for 3-day student conference in Buenos Aires this summer...

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Weekly hot topic


1st November, 2017 by C:F team
in C:F actions > Weekly Hot Topic

What are the downsides and what are the opportunities when big breaking news overwhelm our newsfeeds?...

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Technologies that are shaping the present

5th November, 2017 @ 8:22 PM CEST by C:F Team in C:F news > Global News

A few years ago it might have seemed that any of these technologies was possible to exist only in a sci-fi movie. Not anymore.

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The idea of "Circular Cities" wins our latest Quick Challenge

13th October, 2017 by C:F Team
in C:F news > Global News

Big congratulations to Anshul Aggarwal from India, the BIG winner of "How Should Cities Change for Migration" QC...

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Three semi-finalists selected from "How should cities change for migration" Quick Expert Challenge

23rd September, 2017 by C:F Team
in C:F news > Global News

The judges have selected three semi-finalists from the latest C:F expert QC. Only one of them will be pronounced as the BIG winner....

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Opinion: Our new reality

3rd September, 2017 by Stefan Alijevikj
in C:F news > Global News

Few major events shook the world in the recent period. Stefan from Macedonia shares his thoughts with us....

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Cities that will no longer exist given the seas level rise at full-scale due to global warming

21st August, 2017 by This City Knows
in C:F news > Global News

What happens with our planet and our cities if all the ice goes melting... here are some projections...

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