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What Are the C:F Action Teams?

C:F Action Teams are time-bound, project-based groups connecting C:F members who have a little fun while creating the next Challenge:Future Global Youth Competition and our community. Action Teams are virtual groups that bring together C:F members from all across the globe, but you can also form an Action Team within your locality to carry out a project within a period of time. And because Action Teams have such fluid structure, we give you the choice of joining an existing Action Team - or initiating them at your own times!

When the Summit 2010 gathered more than 70 youths all across the world, it was like a meeting of friends who already knew each other for a long time. Despite having never met in person, C:F platform provided global youths to instantly collaborate, intensely debate, and discuss issues across all boundaries and borders. The very first Youth Advisory Board in the Summit 2010 thus inspired the creation of C:F Action Teams. YAB and many summit participants felt the strong need to connect the youths virtually so that project based teams are formed with each team member coming from a diverse background. This synergy held a great educational and fresh experience for each member that decides to take up the challenge of being part of an Action Team.

Following the Summit 2010 experience, we have started off with 5 types of Actions Teams that are sure to fire off your imagination:

Be part of C:F Judge Action Team and work with Advisory Board members, industry, and business judges to analyze and promote futuristic ideas to the next phase of the competition. As an analytical and thinking youth, you will have the chance to be the judge for many of the competition ideas! Which ideas do you think will create most impact in the future?
Be part of C:F Geek Action Team and connect with the coders, programmers and designers behind the C:F web platform to critique and implement the web features. As a geek, you are up-to-date and passionate about clean design and the current web standards so that you are able to suggest which features will be helpful for our C:F members. Do you love programming, clean design, user interface design and web 2.0?
Be part of C:F Writer Action Team and co-create the Quick Challenges, Weekly Hot Topics, and Tips of the Week. As a writer, you will make an immediate impact with the entire C:F community to act as a glue that binds us all in creating reflective and thinking activities. Do you think you can curl and twist the creative brains of our C:F community?
Be part of C:F Runner Action Team and team up with the local sponsors and organizers to deliver a breathtaking experiential summit for our global participants! You will be at the forefront of worldwide coordination as well as local meetings to organize the pinnacle of Challenge:Future's gathering. Bring out your wacky ideas!
Be part of C:F Explorer Action Team and work with the C:F Team on cutting edge research and innovation for the future. Craft out competition category guidelines, work with innovators to create unique C:F articles and discuss with the Advisory Board members and Industry leaders! Your curiosity and yet an ability to foresee insights into the future will gell all our community towards the future!
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