C:F Chapters

What are the C:F Chapters?

C:F Chapters are all about making local impact on a global scale. As youth clubs, the Chapters are raising awareness about sustainability-related topics. Chapters are also involved in accelerating ideas and talent – supporting young minds ready to challenge the present and shape the future.

The idea of C:F Chapters was proposed by Zhikica Pagovski, as a call to focus global efforts in local regions. Although a new initiative, the C:F Chapters started eagerly to organize inspiring and educational meetings in local institutions, sharing insights about the C:F Competition, and facilitating all other efforts of the think-DO-tank.

Today, Challenge:Future Chapters Network is a youth-led community that engages, fosters and supports local talents in creating collective environmental, social and economic impact, thus developing them as global citizens of tomorrow. Each chapter innovates and implements sustainability initiatives and is also involved in the implementation phase of global projects run in cooperation with other chapters.

Let’s simplify! What do Chapters do?

  • Create impact by rolling the sleeves and moving from our computers to the streets: Random Acts of Kindeness, Earth Day birthdays,
  • Nurture creativity: C:F Chapter Innovation Jams, C:F Online Workshop, Envisioning Future
  • EShare knowledge: C:F Chapter page, F:B Chapter Page
  • Create friendships for life: ask Jovana from Montengro how she learned Hindi from her chapter-friend from India, Reena
  • And of course party!!! Challenge:Green Party? :)
  • Damla Aktan from Turkey, current president of the Chapter Network sees the Chapters as a great opportunity with such strong passionate people to create a real impact. Ivan from Russia, Chapter Network Board Member says: “We try to connect youth globally and inspire each other for making real change happen in the areas we live in. For example in October and November 2012, we decided to offer Random Acts of Kindness to underprivileged youth in our areas. Each Chapter decided to target different youth group, and make different actions, relevant to their areas. It was an amazing experience to see Roma children smiling in Macedonia at the same time with the uneducated children in Rwanda.”

    Annual Report 2012

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