Top Schools

The Most Innovative School Award went to: National University of Singapore (NUS).

We are happy to present the most active schools of the 2009-2010 Challenge:Future Competition. Their sudents’ ideas, support and commitment to Challenge:Future made them reach the top.

Aside from the award for the Most Innovative School, Challenge:Future also honored ten universities, colleges or business schools with the most student activity in the competition by inducing them into the Challenge:Future School Hall of Fame. For 2009-2010 the selected Schools were:

Top Students

And here there are! The most active members of the C:F Community for the 2009-2010 Challenge:Future Competition. Comments, votes, ideas, Quick Challenge entries, feedback, solutions, they all added up and showed us who have been the gurus of Challenge:Future.

Congratulations to Ioan Dorohov! He has been the 2009-2010 Sparks Winner and we all had the pleasure of meeting him during the Challenge:Future Summit 2010.

We also have to say a big Thank You! to all Top members for their activity and enthusiasm during the 2009-2010 Competition.

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