Are You Truly Motivated To Lose Weight

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Are You Truly Motivated To Lose Weight

premmathan mathan


premmathan mathan

The online shoe market works with the inventory that the manufacturer has left over after filling the retailers orders. Online retailers will buy the inventory from the manufacturer in large lots and then sell it out of their own warehouse, or they will sell the shoes from their own site and arrange to have the manufacturer ship the shoe once an order is placed. Both methods of selling have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of buying the inventory is that the store knows exactly what inventory they have and will only list on their shop what they have available. The disadvantage of inventory is that it is expensive and often difficult to sell. This means that those who carry inventory cannot offer near the diversity of shoe options. The advantage of having the manufacturer ship the shoes for them is that the store can offer every pair of shoes that the manufacturer makes and not have to worry about inventory costs. The disadvantage is that the retailer has no control over the inventory, so even though the site may say that a shoe is available, that really means that the store can get the shoe for you, but they won't know if it is in stock until they call the manufacturer to have it shipped.

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Most internet stores arrange to have the manufacturer ship the shoes. This business model combined with the manufacturer's reduction in the number of shoes carried means you can continue to expect shoes to be regularly backordered when purchased online. When this happens, you can continue to look for the shoe on sites that carry inventory or give the retailer a call. Generally they are very willing to help you find a comparable shoe or help you find a store that does carry your shoe size.

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7th December, 2016 @ 6:17 AM CEST

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