barbel training for men's body

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barbel training for men's body

beila gr


beila gr

Bent Over Lateral RaiseBent Over Lateral Raise

Standing position with your back straight and body slightly leaning forward
The legs are opened up to shoulder width with the knee angle slightly bent
The position of the arm holds the lower dumbbell with the elbow slightly bent
The palms are facing inside
The position of the arm is sideways to form a semicircle with the elbow still slightly bent (unchanged angle)
The elbow position is no higher than the shoulder
Breathe out when making down loads and exhale when lifting weights

Barbell ShrugBarbell Shrug

Standing position with feet shoulder width apart and vertical back
The position of the arm should be straight and holding the barbell handlebar width slightly beyond the body limit
Move your trapesius muscles (muscles between your shoulders and your neck) toward the back of your head (peripheral-back-up)
Breathe out when making down loads and exhale when lifting weights

Abdominal Exercise:

CrunchCenter Crunch Center

Position situp with feet meeting conditions on the bench
Bend the belly with the waist still motionless
Breathe out while lying down and exhale as you bend the stomach

Cardio Exercise:

Treadmill (brisk walk) 20-30 minutes

Day 5

Foot muscle exercises:


Stand with feet shoulder width apart, then place the position of the hand forward
Lower and bend your knees like when you will sit until it reaches 90 degree angle
Keep your head and back straight
Go back to its original position, and repeat

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14th December, 2017 @ 5:09 PM CEST

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