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joys priscilla


joys priscilla

You should refer to the calendar of economic announcements every now and then in forex trading. Sometimes a choppy market occurs when there is two or more economic data releasing at the same time or within a few hours. A particular news may trigger an up movement while the other one may trigger a down. Therefore it is a bad time to trade forex as you do not know exactly where the forex market is moving.

Sometimes when the forex trading market is choppy, it forms range-trading channels, which sets one up for a breakout. If there's is no indication on which direction the market is moving, forex traders may go long when it's at the bottom range, and short when it is at the top range. This may earn you some pips, but again, it is better to wait for price to break out from the range-trading channels so that ideally you will be able to catch the breakout trend.

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Although those above can help you to counter choppy markets, I still must say that when the forex market is particularly ruthless, it is best that one simply walk away and wait for another good trading opportunity. Here is another tip for you that may help: Unless there are some fundamental reasons to drive the currency markets, such as news release etc, probably you will be looking at a market that is not trending at all.

9th September, 2016 @ 12:33 PM CEST

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