Determine the "form" and set a goal

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Determine the "form" and set a goal

garee smith


garee smith

Determine the "form" and set a goal than a clearer and more precise you define these two things, the easier and faster you will achieve the result. A successful weight loss! The meaning of life is life itself, to the rhythm of each day and hour of D. Carnegie Millions of people around the world tend to lose weight. However, it is possible to not all. Very often the problem is the wrong approach to weight loss.

fitness tip

Most people trying to lose weight, first of all begin to starve yourself, and then written to the gyms where the tire itself excessive exercise. And the load and stress lead to starvation, in which the body begins to produce cortisol, a hormone responsible for the accumulation of body fat, particularly in the abdominal area. So, in practice, it turns out the opposite is true - the usual methods of weight loss are ineffective.


4th September, 2016 @ 8:55 AM CEST

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