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Discover the Secret to a Healthier Memory

kokila shiva


kokila shiva

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Each president served against a backdrop of the current events of their day. Learning the presidents and about their term helps put historical events in perspective. Knowing who was in office for each major event in our history helps us understand a little better about what was going on and the challenges we faced. In some ways, it serves as a ladder or milemarker by which we can categorize or put certain events in place. It helps us understand both the person serving in the office as well as the events that surrounded them.

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I already mentioned some of the benefits of memorization above but as Michael Knox Berat points out in his article "In Defense of Memorization" there are particular benefits to children. Memorizing and reciting poetry and verse teaches them about form, meter, and rhythm at a time when they may not know or understand these things. They only know that the words fit together well and are pleasing to the ear. This process of memorization helps that cognitive process of what those things mean without having to grasp the entire concept at once. Some stories like "Cat in the Hat" are not only easy but enjoyable to learn because they are structured for easy recall.

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