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Abigail Danwar


Abigail Danwar

Test: Know if you have a good rest.

Here are some questions that will make you think about your sleep quality.

1- Do you need an alarm clock to wake you up?

2- Do you have trouble getting up in the morning?

3- Do you turn off the alarm clock several times before getting up?

4- Do you feel tired, irritable, stressed at work?

5- Do you have trouble concentrating and remembering?

6- Do you feel slower in relation to critical thinking, problem solving and creativity?

7- Do you often fall asleep watching TV?

8- Do you fall asleep in boring meetings, conferences and warm rooms?

9- Do you fall asleep after a heavy meal or a small dose of alcohol?

10- Do you often fall asleep when you relax after dinner?

11- Do you fall asleep after five minutes of bedtime?

12- Do you often feel drowsy when driving?

13- Do you sleep more on weekends?

14- Do you need a nap to end the day?
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25th February, 2017 @ 2:08 PM CEST

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