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Lumix Panasonic Digital Cameras

Mukesh kumar


Mukesh kumar

Make sure you design a landing page that is going to directly provide the products or information that was addressed in your video or even provide additional detailed information about the product that wasn't covered in the initial YouTube video. Don't confuse the sale by presenting your customer with any additional products on your website unless they directly relate to the initial product mentioned in your video as an add-on or accessory, for example, you might want to mention additional memory storage, or a camera case if you were promoting a digital camera in your video.

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Try to include either a screen shot from the original YouTube video or embed the video in your landing page, if it will help close the sale. You want to strive for an easy one-step or few steps order process for your customer. You can set up your landing page so that when your customer clicks the order button, he or she can then be processed through your regular site's shopping cart. Also, make sure that you have set up some type of tracking code in your landing page in order to measure the effectiveness of your YouTube video. Of course, make sure you follow all the other legal and or best practice policies you should follow when designing a landing page.

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29th December, 2016 @ 11:44 AM CEST

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