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Gaja Priya


Gaja Priya

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The most popular format for ringtones is the Nokring, also called the RTTTL (ringing tones text transfer language). Basically, it allows users to transfer the ringtone codes through a data cable and a special software. One mouse click and you're done and ready to rock and roll (or moo, whatever the case may be).

RTTTL is not the only format that Nokia uses for its phones. Some models are equipped with the Nokia composer, which allows users to type in the music code directly into the phone. The Nokia 3210 model was the first to offer this function.

The binary format, on the other hand, lets you code a ringtone using the Smart Messaging function. Essentially, you receive the ringtone as a message, which the phone recognizes and activates.

The problem with Composer ringtones is, well, the work involved. You've got to type, and type it very accurately, or it'll come out very, very wrong. The binary format, while more convenient, only works on a small selection of Nokia phones. Only RTTTL offers both absolute convenience and reliability, and it doesn't hurt that the majority of the ringtones are in this format.

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9th September, 2016 @ 7:53 AM CEST

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