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Purpose of the Challenge:Future Discussions forum

Alja Sulčič


Alja Sulčič

Welcome to Challenge:Future Discussions, where you can discuss all the things C:F that you never got the chance to ask before!

You can use this forum to open questions and provide suggestions or thoughts related to the Challenge:Future website or competitions. Please try to stick to the themes of the open topics or start your own topic if you wish to discuss a new theme. Topics not related to Challenge:Future will be moved to other forums.

Note that your posts will be visible to everyone, so you can still contact us directly if you wish to resolve problems privately (http://challengefuture.org/us/ feedback).

We reserve the right to remove offensive or inappropriate content that is against our Terms and conditions (http://challengefuture.org/us/ terms).

We're looking forward to your questions and suggestions!

8th February, 2010 @ 9:21 AM CEST

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