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Royalty Free Music From Music Libraries

julie addis


julie addis

Over fifty years ago, Shinichi Suzuki observed that young children learn how to speak their own language as a result of talking with others in their native tongue. He realized that music learning could also be facilitated by immersing children in the musical language. So he set about to use language acquisition principles in teaching music.

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Suzuki musicians are taught using a collection of key concepts. The belief that with proper parental support and love every child can learn is at the core. Parents serve as important teachers. Children should listen to music starting the day they are born, and begin their studies by the time they are three or four years old. Listening to music daily is as important as repeating what is learned. Encouragement is essential to musical growth. Learning together with others motivates better learning. Music technique should be taught within the context of the music, and children should master their instrumental skills before starting to learn to read musical notation.

The method produces students with exceptional ability to play their instrument, and to play music without reading it first. But often, students are dismayed to find that their playing ability is far greater than their reading ability when they face auditions for ensembles and orchestras later in their studies. http://autobinarysignalssoftwa rereviews.com/wholetones-chris tmas-vol-1-cd-review/

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