The 5 Biggest Fat Loss Myths

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 The 5 Biggest Fat Loss Myths

smart vegas


smart vegas

Even the weather conspires to make us gain weight in the winter when cold and snow can derail the most determined work-out program. With all this against us, is it any wonder many people face January about 10 pounds heavier than they were just two short months before? It is possible to keep your weight under control during this holiday season. Just follow these practical weight loss tips. Back to Grandma's special fudge recipe. You look forward to it every year, not to mention the fancy holiday cookies and high calorie eggnog! The good news is you don't have to pass on these treats entirely. If you have a special weakness, go ahead and eat some (and don't beat yourself up over it!). The watch word here is "some." Have one piece of fudge or one cookie. Enjoy half a cup of eggnog, rather than a whole cup. You can still sample the treats you love best and still be able to face the scale in the morning.

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When you arrive at dinner, take a look at the buffet table and hone in on the low calorie foods. Veggies are low calorie and filling. Even if want you enjoy some of the dips, veggies are a better choice than chips or crackers. Other safe bets are fresh fruit, salads and lean meats, like turkey. If you fill up on low calorie foods, you can eat all you want of them and you'll be too full to eat a dozen cookies! If you drink alcohol, remember to limit how much you drink. Alcohol is loaded with empty calories and a glass or two of wine can make you forget your resolution to eat sensibly.

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30th November, 2016 @ 7:21 AM CEST

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