The Miracle of Breathing

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The Miracle of Breathing

adeliajames s


adeliajames s

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The second way a surgeon may alter their technique would be if an equipment rep makes a visit to their office to tout the advantages of a new product/method. This is quite common, and there is a distinct mercenary aspect to this. There has to be an advantage over the previous technique to be able to sell this-greater speed or fewer complications. The pain from a cautery tonsillectomy is notorious, so I was eager to try things like laser--stupid because one had to still use lots of cautery for bleeding and there was the danger of fires and complexity of set-up. Another one was harmonic scalpel-hated the technique and had early complications. However, I did think that the radio frequency technique ("Coblation"), which I adopted in 2000 was a distinct advantage with less swelling and quicker healing. I wasn't totally convinced about better pain control.

When the same rep that taught me the radio frequency tonsillectomy came to see me in 2011 about thermal fusion tonsillectomy, I wasn't really open to changing--not at all. But he wore me down, and the fact that I had a relationship with him before was probably the deciding factor. The technique was very tedious and slow with a lot of hand fatigue on pressing the tips of the fusion forceps together.

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30th November, 2016 @ 6:33 AM CEST

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