Tim Russert's Death Was Preventable

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Tim Russert's Death Was Preventable

Arshiya Banu


Arshiya Banu

If you suspect that your child or student is exhibiting signs of ADD, get them tested for food and environmental allergies. The most likely food allergy is a food your child always craves. When you know the trigger, teach your child to avoid it in his daily diet. Have a hair analysis done to check for toxic levels of heavy metals in the body. Also check for learning disabilities. The child can also benefit from regular exercise and the removal of all foods that contain artificial flavorings, conservatives, aspartame, nitrates and phosphates.Do not allow your child to take caffeine, especially chocolate, if he is prone to violent tantrums.

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Eat fresh, whole foods, including plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid prepackaged meats, processed foods, butter, soft drinks and foods high in sugar like apples and apricots. Doctors who specialize in allergies have also discovered that artificial colorings and flavorings in candy, baked goods, carbonated drinks, cakes, canned food and artificially preserved foods or the most likely culprits that trigger hyperactivity in children. Skipping junk food and sweets can help reverse this condition. Ask your physician if your child can take two to three capsules of evening primrose oil daily. This herb has been found to improve the conditions of hyperactive children and in some cases provide a complete recovery.

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Since ADD is primarily a neurological problem, it is important to supplement your diet with fatty acid supplements found in fish oil and flax oil. He can also undergo temperament therapy. For highly emotional and temperamental children, you may need to use alternative forms of discipline and refrain from physically punishing him punishing them. Sometimes children with ADD can also benefit from home schooling because they simply might have a different learning style. Children who also have learned to meditate have reported increased concentration levels and reduced stress that lead to the complete elimination of ADD.

9th September, 2016 @ 8:58 AM CEST

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