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This book contains 43,414 words. If you spent half an hour a day reading it at average speed, it took you about 5 days. In these 5 days, 306km2 of rain forest have been destroyed, more than 400 animal and plant species have become extinct and 1,250,000m3 of polar ice cap has melted. The world has changed. Have you?

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The truth is, our planet Earth is in imminent peril and next years will prove decisive for the world’s climate and the world’s future.

by Andreja Kodrin

There are two human activities that, I would argue, will always require physical contact: one is sex and the other is team-based innovation.

by Jean-Pierre Lehmann

Faith is the single most important thing for the survival of humankind. Faith is the engine of human existence and the most fundamental element of the world. What is this faith?

by Ruben Papian

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