UN Youth Volunteer Programme Intern: assisting with communications and outreach activities

on 7th May, 2013 at 11:23 AM CEST

DEADLINE: 15 May 2013

ELIGIBILITY: English language

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME: 3-6month at UNV headquarters in Bonn, Germany


UNV recently completed a review of UNV’s youth schemes in the context of its youth mandate and recommended the development of a unified Youth Strategy which will be implemented through a Youth and Volunteerism global programme. The programme objectives will focus on three pillars:

• Engaging in global advocacy and partnerships for youth volunteering Outcome1: Increased recognition of contribution of youth volunteering to development and

peace as well as youth empowerment.

• Providing capacity development to nationally and regionally owned youth schemes including policy support to partners.

Outcome 2: Improved capacity of governments, youth-led organizations and civil society organizations in setting up youth volunteer schemes, formulating inclusive youth volunteering policies and providing quality volunteer management to youth volunteers.

• Establishing a UN Youth Volunteering modality. Outcome3: Increased and diversified opportunities for youth volunteers to serve and learn

during their volunteer assignment, while supporting the work of UN agencies around the world.

Duties and responsibilities

Under the overall guidance of the Project Manager for the UN Youth Volunteer Programme, interns will support the implementation of the project through communicating with project partners, UNV Field Units as well as research and monitoring developments through different channels. Depending on the competencies and interests of the interns, assignments will include:

• Writing newsletter stories, articles, tweets, and Facebook posts.

• Arranging and managing UNV’s presence at various international events.

• Designing posters, leaflets and other promotional items.

• Media and press monitoring on youth and volunteerism.

• Develop reports or policy briefs with reviews of practices, lessons learned, and recommendations on good practices in relation to the integration of volunteerism into the relevant policy frameworks.

• Assist project activities at UNV HQ in general.

• Take minutes and prepare presentations and documents for in-house committees and Field Units.

• Perform other duties as required.The interns are also expected to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the concept of volunteerism as well as the above mentioned policy frameworks by reading relevant UNV and other publications.



Learning opportunities for the intern

• General understanding of the work and mission of the UNV programme, the role of stakeholders and partners at national and global level and of volunteerism’s contribution to development effectiveness;

• Insight and hands-on experience in UNV’s role in facilitating and promoting the project; • Insight and hands-on experience in organizing and running complex projects; and • Becoming more familiar with working in an International Organization and in a multicultural environment.





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