At the heart of the think tank's efforts is the challengefuture global youth competition - the leading worldwide web-based contest built on the principles of radical inclusiveness and open innovation. The main competition is complemented with a range of quick challenges - focused and daring contest run in partnership with pioneering organizations around
the globe.
The competition concludes with a face-to-face challengefuture Summit, a life-changing event connecting the most innovative youth, pioneering businesses, policy leaders and other change makers in dialogue, reflection, and action.
The thinking, creation, and dialogue then continue on the pages of the Future Book, an annual community-authored collection of provocative expert ideas and intuitive youth foresight.
why join us?

for youth
Challenge:Future offers a profound and life-changing experience as the youth thinks about the future and takes advantage of a chance to influence it. Explore ways to engage with us

for educators
Challenge:Future provides access and insight into the future of education in the context of deep dialogues with colleagues from different corners of the world. Explore ways to connect with us

for business
Challenge:Future helps to foresee the future trends, gain access to global talent, and position yourself as a company of innovation, foresight, and responsibility. Explore the opportunities for your company

for the World
Challenge:Future invests into development of minds and hearts of the future generations and prepares the change-makers of tomorrow for the challenge of transitioning towards smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. Explore more ways we can foster change together

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