Meet the speakers: Helmut F. Karner

by C:F Team on 23rd April, 2010 at 12:47 PM CEST

Today we have the pleasure of introducing another keynote speaker at the Challenge:Future SummitHelmut F. Karner (also a member of the C:F Advisory Board), who is preparing a very interesting lecture on the future of business and technology.

Helmut F. Karner at the C:F Summit

The Future of Business and Technologies – The Future of a Connected World

We still behave as we were in the middle of the Industrial Economy. The main management systems in use today are more than one hundred years old. The main organization principles in use today stem from Adam Smith, 1776. But in the meantime the economic eras have shifted from Industrial Economy to Information/Knowledge Economy and towards the Molecular Economy. And globalization (better: regionalization) has made it possible for everybody to do business wherever it is best done: close to the markets of consumption, and where the knowledge and infrastructure of the region fits best.

And technology has made the biggest leap in the past 20 years. Although technology was the biggest disabler (!) of productivity change in the past decades, it will now start to change the way how business can be done forever. Although legions of corporate fundamentalists try to defend their outdated business models against innovation, the tipping point will be reached soon.

Thanks to the financial crisis, a “Reset Economy”, a “New Normal”, “Game Changing” are going to happen. Nothing will be the same when the crisis will be over, having left major damage to business, to citizens, to the society (unfortunately not to financial institutions).

New forms of collaborative networks like Enterprise 2.0, COINs (Collaborative Innovation Networks) and “Wikinomics” (© Don Tapscott), Open Business Models will take over.

And thanks to You, Challenge:Future Generation (also called the “Facebook Generation” versus the “Fortune 500 Generation “) this is now definitely going to happen! I am looking forward to it!

About Helmut F. Karner

Professor Helmut Karner shares his time between management education projects, management consultancy, and university lecturing, while contributing to the leading Austrian think-Tank "Föhrenbergkreis".

Born in 1947 in Baden, Lower Austria, professor Karner studied Technical Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technical University of Vienna, and later continued his education in management at Harvard Business School, IMEDE Lausanne.

Karner's first employment was in Austro Olivetti, Vienna where he worked as Systems Engineer for Data Base/Data Communication Systems and Software Director. In 1979 he took the position of European General Manager in Northern Telecom Inc. (now Nortel Networks). He continued his career as Managing Director first at Austro Olivetti, Vienna and afterwards at Olivetti International Education Centre, London, U.K.

Professor. Karner shares his knowledge at Danube University Krems where he works as a Visiting Professor in the fields of telecommunications, new media and digital economy. In 1998 he became Dean and Managing Director at Polytechnic University Salzburg (Techno-Z-Fachhochschule) for Information Economy. Since 2004, Helmut considers himself a ‘portfolio worker,’ splitting his time between a number of projects and initiatives.

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Vallabha Rao

Vallabha Rao

Awesome Looking forward to meet Mr Karner and talk about the future of business and technologies

23rd April, 2010 @ 2:13 PM CEST

Zhikica Pagovski

Zhikica Pagovski | Action team | CF Chapters

awesome speaker!

26th April, 2010 @ 8:46 AM CEST

Ivaylo Vasilev

Ivaylo Vasilev


20th May, 2010 @ 1:13 AM CEST

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