Summit Highlights - Day 1 and 2

by C:F Team on 18th May, 2010 at 2:11 PM CEST

The main part of the Challenge:Future Summit 2010 brought us several inspiring lectures and opportunities for open dialogue. Soon you will be able to watch most of the Summit on your own, but until then, here are some of the highlights from the past two days:

Summit Welcome

The main Summit section was opened on Monday morning by dr. Danica Purg, founder and president of IEDC-Bled School of Management, where the Summit was taking place. According to dr. Purg, the world can be made better by young people taking action, and the C:F Summit is a great opportunity to provide support for action, develop ideas and spread awareness about important issues, as it brought together representative from 30 different countries.

dr. Danica Purg

The diversity aspect of C:F was also emphasized by Andreja Kodrin, founder of the Challenge:Future initiative, who also thinks that it is important to provide opportunities for talented youth to make connections not just among themselves, but also with businesses. The welcome part was concluded by dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva, who encouraged us to roll up our sleeves during the Summit and embrace the opportunities for innovation, reflection and action that the C:F Summit provides.

The Future in Me: Art & Leadership Session

After the welcome adress, dr. Miha Pogačnik, concert violinist, entrepreneur and cultural ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, took the stage and made us think about what music can offer to our understanding of leadership and ourselves. Combining life and business lessons with the sound of violin, dr. Pogačnik showed us a different perspective and encouraged us to listen to the world more closely.


Finalist presentations

The main part of the first Summit day were the presentations by the 9 finalist teams (in order of appearance):

All teams had exactly 7 minutes to present their ideas and 7 minutes to answer a few questions from the judging panel and the audience. It was a real pleasure to listen to all 9 teams present their ideas, as they were all very well prepared.

Sustainability and Innovation for a Connected World

The afternoon part was opened by Michael Holm Johansen, president of the Central and Southern Europe Business Unit at The Coca Cola Company. He provided an interesting overview of how Coca-Cola is contributing to a more sustainable world with innovations such as the commitment to climate-friendly refrigerations through engagement with Greenpeace, improved packaging, efforts to reduce virtual water costs and much more.


Community guest speakers

The lecture was followed by short speeches from community representatives. First, Challenge:Future Best Paper Winner Sayanee Basu introduced the topic of open communities. You can see slides from her presentation below, and read her full paper on Scribd.


Sayanee was followed by Saad, who talked about climate changes that can be felt in Asia and his country Pakistan, Ivaylo, who emphasized youth, responsibility and ethical entrepreneurship, and Fahd, who made us think about waste management issues in the developing world.

On both days we all got the chance to share our life stories and views during Future Dialogues: Roundtable Discussions. These sessions provided us with the opportunity to express our creativity and collaborate in diverse group.

The Future of Business and Technologies, The Future of a Connected World

The first day of the Summit was wrapped up on by prof. Helmut F. Karner, educator, consultant and member of the C:F Advisory Board. Prof. Karner's lecture revolved around three main themes: the fact that management is out of date and needs to be reinvented, how information technology might finally become an enabler for business and a brief overview of some recent business model innovations that will create a new business landscape in the future.

On Drucker, Art, and the New Leader of the Future

On Tuesday, dr. Danica Purg took the stage again to talk about good leadership, and how IEDC was inspired by Peter Drucker's ideas on art. She finished her lecture with the following video that explains how IEDC is developing leaders through art:


Panel discussion: The New Leader for the 21st Century

The formal part of the Summit was concluded by a panel discussion on leadership, led by Žiga Vavpotič, Program Director of Ypsilon Association and included panel participants Olga Sitnik, AIESEC representative and David Woolcombe, founder of Peace Child International. The panel was opened with a video by Jennifer Corriero, founder of TakingItGlobal. In her video message, Jenniffer emphasized the importance for leaders to be able to collaborate in diverse teams and to adapt to the constantly changing world. Answering the question what skills should leaders have to address challenges in 2020, Olga stressed that attitudes will be more important than skills, while David remarked that skills can easily be learned nowadays, and what can save us is having massive aspirations and following them. The panel concluded with the thought that today's youth is the generation that must take action and lead the world towards a better future.

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