Survey on Management Education and Poverty Reduction

by C:F Team on 27th May, 2010 at 11:49 AM CEST

Poverty issues are becoming increasingly important in times when we are rethinking the role of business in society and therefore the role of management education in embedding social responsibility and sustainable development in the mindsets of future leaders. Poverty eradication is also closely related to achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals.

We know that, globally, business faculty have developed – or are thinking of developing - interesting and innovative ways to teach and connect students to the issue of global poverty. A CEEMAN Survey on Management Education and Poverty Reduction, carried out in autumn 2008, discovered faculty innovation in this area and also found that fighting poverty is a legitimate management education topic.

To date, though, there have been few efforts to systematically capture state-of-the-art curricular and pedagogical innovations developed by business faculty on the topic of poverty reduction. The current Survey on Poverty as a Challenge for Management Education aims to do just that. Survey results will become the platform for further discussion, collaboration and innovation on this topic.

Faculty and management of business schools and universities are invited to participate in the survey till Monday, May 31, 2010 by following this link:

The results of the survey will be presented in the 2nd Global Forum for Responsible Management Education on 23 June 2010 in New York, USA, and distributed through major international associations. They will also provide input for the future work of the UN Global Compact PRME Working Group on Fighting Poverty.

More about CEEMAN www.ceeman.org
More about PRME initiative www.unprme.org

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