Become a tourist star of 17th Golden drum!

by C:F Team on 22nd July, 2010 at 3:50 PM CEST

We are sure you remember StormIt Challenge: "Give me three days of GREEN sLOVEnia". The winner, Adam McRae, is comming to visit Slovenia in August. And - there are already new opportunities waiting for you to think about Slovenia challenges and to visit this small and diverce piece of Europe. The opportunity is hidding in Golden Drum!

In last sixteen years the Golden Drum International Advertising Festival has grown into important event noticed throughout the world. From Trieste to Vladivostok, from Helsinki to Tel Aviv, the Golden Drum is the biggest, the most important and the most noticed advertising overview and event of the year.

On 7th of October "Innovative Marketing for Green Tourism"
workshop will be given at Golden Drum festival. Workshop is organized by Slovenian Tourist Board, Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia and University of Primorska - Faculty for Tourism Studies and Faculty of Management.

As of today workshop organizers
are gathering your solutions for green tourism marketing challenges. Challenges have been given by innovative tourism companies looking for next business break-through inspired by your solutions. Winning projects will be awarded (each challenge has different award defined by challenger) and presented on Golden Drum workshop.

Take your time, give challengers your answers at
btps-izzivi.turistica.si, become recognized on the world-class event and enjoy in tourism delights which Slovenia has to offer!

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