Presenting The Future Book to the President of Slovenia, Dr. Turk.

by C:F Team on 13th September, 2010 at 1:59 PM CEST

On September 7, 2010, the Challenge:Future team including Ms. Andreja Kodrin (C:F President and Founder), Dr. Matevz Kmet (Editor of The Future Book), Ana Hederih (C:F youth) and Denis Povh (C:F youth), had the great honour to meet with the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Danilo Turk and present him with The Future Book.

President Turk graciously greeted the C:F team along with the Head of his office, Ms. Mojca Toš Seliškar. For the next half an hour, lively conversations regarding the Challenge:Future competition, the Summit, The Future Book and many more filled the meeting room. President Turk reflected fondly on the memories of attending the C:F Summit in May as our honorary patron of the event. It was surprising that he even remembered quite a few C:F youths from the C:F Summit and the memorable speeches during the Summit Gala.

"Life isn’t about the number of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away", Ms. Seliškar read this quote from The Future Book to President Turk during the meeting and expressed her admiration for the voice of youth represented in The Future Book. President Turk was also pleased with the book and mentioned that he will pass on a copy of The Future Book to UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

One of the most important aspects of the meeting, aside from all the discussions regarding C:F initiatives, was that President Turk was also very interested to talk to C:F talents and hear their perspectives about the future. President Turk listened keenly to the project proposal by Denis Povh on using hologram technology for road signs in order to reduce traffic accidents. This project was one of the top solutions in C:F's semi-final competition. The President also invited Ana to share with him her vision for the future of law. 

C:F is more than grateful for the strong support President Turk has shown for our initiative and C:F youth. With his kind support and encouragement, we are eager to move forward and bring about more positive impacts to our world through C:F.



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Sayanee Basu

Sayanee Basu | Action team | CF Chapters

Dr. Turk is indeed very inspiring... yes, indeed it brings back very fond memories of his speech at the C:F Summit.

So happy that he gets to read all our thoughts and articles!

13th September, 2010 @ 3:11 PM CEST

Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

Its really nice to know that world leaders are involved personally with initiative like C:F.
I realised when we met Mr President at Gala.

Leaders like Dr Turk is always inspiration for the people like us.. :)

Its nice to know that Mr President himself will pass on a copy of Future Book to UN Secretary - General... :)

13th September, 2010 @ 4:38 PM CEST

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