Let's Do It, Romania!

by Bulent Duagi on 11th October, 2010 at 4:37 PM CEST

Bulent Duagi is a member of the C:F community and finalist in the Challenge:Future Global Competition 2010. Passionate about HR, education and volunteer activities, he joined Adobe Romania as a HR Consultant. His motto in life is 'Shared knowledge is power'. Today, he reveals his experience in Romania's greatest voluntary action.


The purpose of "Let's do it, Romania!" project was to clean the waste and debris in natural areas of Romania, in one day.

The garbage that had to be identified and cleaned was thrown in natural areas by locals or tourists, both on land and on water. Like it was organized in Estonia, where the initiative started in 2008 - see video below, in Latvia in 2009, Lithuania , Portugal and Slovenia in 2010, the action required the involvement of citizens, local authorities, private firms, sanitation operators and mass-media to mobilize the population to act on the set day and clean the trash as planned by the organizing team of the project. The day the cleaning took place was 25th of September, 2010 and involved more than 200.000 volunteers. As long term objectives, the project wants to make citizens accountable for the environment and also to collaborate with local authorities for improving infrastructure and fine system.


I took part at the 'national cleaning day' with my Adobe colleagues and friends. We were around 30 people eager to help. Eight hours later, we were pretty exhausted after all the work - we've gathered 205 bags of trash - but also happy that we did something for a better Romania. The time has passed quite fast, helped by the discussions with the fine people in the group.

Let's do it, Romania! Adobe team

Maybe you wonder how did 'Let's do it, Romania!' go? Here is how Nara Petrovič, a "neutral" observer from Slovenia has experienced the magnificent cleanup day.

Reflecting on what could happen after this one-day action, I had a sudden thought in my mind: "In social change, change champions need to connect and spread the change to their network." I don't claim it's original, probably it's a thought-semi-memory from what I have read about the 'change' concept.

The cleaning that took place is just the tip of the iceberg and I think that it's our role, of all we've put efforts on 25th of September and experienced the great feeling of solidarity for a common good, not to continue our lives with "business-as-usual" and to further tell to the people we know that "something can be done for a better society by small efforts of each of us, together". I felt the civic responsibility to write and share these thoughts, in the hope that these lines will be read by people that won't be passive and at least tell their friends about these ideas. I say: Let 's do it, world!


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Dan Croitoru

Dan Croitoru

Congrats Billy for joining Let's do it, Romania! project. It truly shows you are an active C:F top member that cares what happens with the world around. Keep up the good work and spread the word about other initiatives and projects you'll get involved in. Glad to know you and extremely proud to have reached the C:F Finals together.

11th October, 2010 @ 7:52 PM CEST

Kayode Nubi

Kayode Nubi | Action team | CF Chapters

Awesome way to go about making impact - the little actions we take to make the phrase "make the world a better place" really valid. #Let'sDoIt,Now!

11th October, 2010 @ 8:09 PM CEST

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