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by C:F Team on 12th November, 2010 at 11:49 AM CEST

Thoroughly inspired by the contribution, energy and ideation of our Youth Advisory Board members, Summit participants and Ambassadors, Action Team was born to give more C:F members a chance to contribute, lead, grow and that too at our own time and interest!

In our last post, we already had many of you wanting to join the Action Teams. Harshit and Darko wanted to be a C:F Geek, while Jatin, Saad and Jude wanted to be the glue of our community by being the C:F writers!

This time, we thought of telling you more about what it is like to be in an Action Team. Who best to tell you about it than our dear C:F members themselves! You will hear them talk about what it is like to be a C:F Explorer, Judge, Writer or a Runner! Let's hear from them - voices of Challenge:Future coming from all corners of the world!

Voice from Africa

Working along other YABs virtually on something so concrete and real, did bring the realization of being part of an open community as mentioned by fellow YABs. Although I could not be at the summit, the friendship made with fellow C:F YABs did keep my motivation checked.

~ Nubi from Nigeria, C:F Youth Advisory Board 2010

Voice from Australia

For the C:F Summit 2010, it was great to meet with participants from all over the world, not only because of what we had in common - a passion to develop creative solutions to important problems - but also because of the our differences. Indeed, by combining our different experiences, skills and knowledge, our impact can be far greater than the sum of the impacts we can have by acting alone.

~ Nat from Australia, C:F Competition 2009/2010 competition finalist and winner of IEDC Challenge

Voice from Asia

As a C:F Youth Judge, it was a long process of first trying to understand the core innovation, and then constant questioning and evaluation to see how and whether the parts fit. Make no mistake, it's a huge responsibility and really not half as glamorous as it seems. But if you'd like a challenge (and a chance to look through the eyes of the "best of C:F"), the rewards are definitely worth it.

~ Aik from Singapore, C:F Finals 2010 Youth Judge, Youth Advisory Board 2010

Who could have thought that a guy from Poland, Croatia, Russia, India and others would become my really good friends and from whom i will learn that there is more to life than just race, language and color. I learnt how a small idea coming from a person who dreams to change the world can become the prerogative of millions by will power and connecting to people.

~Saad from Pakistan - C:F Summit Youth Speaker, Youth Advisory Board 2010

My vision for C:F India is to empower the self-conscious activities within and connect Indians with other C:F chapters and to keep one world concept alive! My relation with C:F is like mother-child. C:F gives opportunity to connect with the world. I learnt about different cultures, positivity, open innovation, love, true meaning of leader, and learnt to express & share.

~ Jatin from India, C:F India Chapter and C:F Summit 2010 participant

Voice from Europe

Being part of YAB was a way to connect with the active people on the platform, make friends and get to know each other better even before meeting in Bled. Acting upon the ideas and giving recommendations for the way of voting and the organisation of the competition made me feel like I am part of the idea as a whole.

~ Krste from Macedonia, C:F Summit 2010 participant, Youth Advisory Board 2010

Next week when we post about Action Team, it'll be a BUZZ for the Action Team Project #1. So look out for it. Are you excited? We would love to bring unique experiences for our Action Teams so that we are continuously exposed to new and challenging ideas. This time we ask you to share with us:
How else can C:F Action Teams help you grow, learn and bring out your innovative self ?

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Sayanee Basu

Sayanee Basu | Action team | CF Chapters

hhmmm Let me see... How about virtual webinars or discussion panels where the active Action Team takes on the lead to discuss an issue and invite everyone around the world to join in?

What other crazy, learning and fun ideas do you all have? ;-)

12th November, 2010 @ 4:11 PM CEST

Dharmesh Bhadja

Dharmesh Bhadja | Action team

thanks to challenge future to give me the opportunity to explore my inner abilities and leadership qualities...

thanks to jatin... to lead India. we are proud to have you as the leader of India.

i am also inviting everyone from India and all over the globe to take the initiative from the deepness of heart and determined mind to work for the global future...

go ahead guns...

12th November, 2010 @ 8:59 PM CEST

Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

Its really great to know the voice from
Africa, Asia, Austalia & Europe... really really awesome.... its shows we are the best people in the world.

Proud to be part of CF, I was not knowing that one day I will be part of team who will be lead the world and become direction of world.

we all creative and innovative .... Our strength is we know each other .... We do so many things in our life (very small) - but now the fact is we can do it together at same time with keeping same purpose, process and deep impact in mind....

C:F India is ready to challenge the future.. India is starting 400 X 4 rely race, we know that if world will not work as 1 we all will loose our race anyhow.. because our race competition is with ourselves only...

thanks dharmesh for yr valuable words and appreciation... C:F is ready to welcome future, are you ? - dont miss the bus to welcome the future, ... :)

12th November, 2010 @ 10:11 PM CEST

Jude Christoper  Roxas

Jude Christoper Roxas | Action team | CF Chapters

WOW! this is so great! like what Dharmesh said, i am deeply much honoured and proud to be with the C:F community. Not only this will give me the initiative to think and act more for the future, but this will also help me gain more friends who will always work with me for the cause of saving the future for the next generations to come!

Cheers to everyone for having a job well done and I am so excited about the Action teams too! I will continue to pray for more active leaders from all parts of the world who will also work with us soon.

Let's keep the future coming guys! CHEERS AGAIN! God bless C:F <3

13th November, 2010 @ 4:04 AM CEST

Harshit Kachchhi

Harshit Kachchhi

I am just speechless after going through the voices from all over the world !!

It's a high time, let's live our policy, "Go beyond talks" !!

"Bravo" !!

13th November, 2010 @ 8:02 AM CEST

Kaushal Joshi

Kaushal Joshi | Action team

Time has come to say that "The trapped energies and the suppressed initiatives need to be freed and properly harnessed."

I want to appreciate each effort of C:F in this direction from bottom of my heart.

Rock the World...

18th November, 2010 @ 3:31 PM CEST

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