Nubi's Journey with the Future Book

by Nubi Kayode on 12th March, 2011 at 8:06 AM CEST

Awesome! I finally got my new tickets, as my old one was cancelled because of the problem in Egypt. I was meant to travel to Nigeria via Istanbul, Turkey and Cairo, Egypt, but was now going through Istanbul, and Doha (Qatar). This obviously increased the length of the trip from a usual 18 hours (transit time inclusive) to a shocking 32 hours trip.

Photo 1: International Passport, Tickets and The Future Book

I packed up the rest of my luggage, and then thought to myself. What best to do on this 32 hour trip back home to Africa? Hmmm! My mp3 player would see its batteries go flat, so would my laptop or any electronic device. The my eyes feel on the shiny green cover of The Future Book on my book shelf and it was like an Eureka moment, as I shouted “Yes!”. Traditionally when I pick up a book and read its title, I turn to the back to see what’s written. It was no exception for The Future Book. It read:

This book contains 43, 414 words.

If you spent half an hour a day reading it at an average speed, it took you about five days.

In these five days, 306km2 of rainforest have been destroyed, more than 400 animal and plant species have become extinct, 1,250,000m3 of polar ice cap has melted.

The world has changed. Have you?

It was interesting but scary facts and figures, and I told myself: “I’m not gonna wait for five days and allow all these to happen. I’m gonna finish it before my plan lands in Lagos, Nigeria.” The remarkable journey for me and The Future Book started – departing from Ercan Airport (N.Cyprus) at 4.45am on a 1hr 15minutes journey to Istanbul Ataturk International Airport (Turkey).

Photo 2: Me having coffee at the Airport Café: Ercan Airport (N.Cyprus)

I got to Istanbul, and after the check-out and clearance, it was about 6.30am, so I freshened up and had breakfast – home made “egg-burgers” which I made earlier, and then took a nap till about 8.30am. I opened my eyes to see that the airport was not any more or less busier than it was when I arrived, so I took out The Future Book and kicked off the real journey with the quote from Janis Supe (Latvia) – “Challenge:Future reminds me not only to change the future, but also to challenge myself”. The first for me was the challenge to finish the book in less than 32 hours.

The Challenge:Future Dictionary was quite impressive, perhaps more useful to a non C:F community member picking up The Future Book for a first time. It was also interesting reading Adreja Kodrins’s piece on the road to the future – as it seemed I was actually seeing her present it to me. Although I have not met Matevz Kmet, nor do I have an idea of what she looks like, her piece on “The Story behind the Future book” was quite enlightening – especially information on choice of paper size, type, and source. What next? – PART 1: The Future is already here.

Photo 3: About to start reading at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport (Turkey) – those are my bags ☺

From Donald J. Johnston’s to Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayeva’s pieces were full of information which not only awakened the consciousness of a now-future but challenged me into charging to doing something about it. However the peak of this part 1, was the reading the article “Arrival of Generation Y” by Audrey Trotereau. It was really informative, and did give me a new perspective into why we (Youths) are what we are today and how best to carry along fellow youths and oldies (Generation X). ☺ I did nod alot with what I read including the quote – “Gen Y are children of the web and globalization. They are fostering us to reinvent the authority and invent new recruitment methods.” #Awesome!

Reading from my fellow C:F community members especially those on the YAB was quite interesting as they answered the question – “Why?” for different aspects of our lives today including: communication, connection, media, and transportation. On complete part 1, I decided to stroll about and see some drama in the airport. So I went down to get some juice and see people act as ‘people’: mothers calling on their little ones; fathers acting strong with the luggage; airport security in their best behaviour; and the lady at the information desk sitting there in her ever-smiling mode. Then it dawned on me – “Do this people know what I read from the back of The Future Book?” Well, I’d say majority had no clue, but at least they have heard the word - “Global Warming”.

I came back from the stroll, to start off Part 2. I would guess it was about 2.00pm or thereabout and it was time to see – “The Future we imagine”. Even before opening the leaf to see the content from page 50, I took some time to use what I’d gotten from part 1 and my personal experiences to paint a picture of the future. I projected to future to what life would be like sitting in the same airport in 2030. Sharing that may require me writing a whole book, but then there would be nothing like ‘waiting’ for hours for ones next flight, as vehicles would be available at any giving time of arrival (for transit) of passengers, except the passenger decides to watch some drama like I would in the airport for a while.

So after I came back into my body – returned from my trip into the future via the power of imagination, I started what the professionals (especially the futurist) had to share about the future. Joel A. Barker’s piece was really got a hold on me, and it wasn’t surprising to see that Dan had to cover a learning experience with him afterwards. Jean-Pierre Lehman took me back to my Anthropology class with the article – Innovation Constellations of the 21st century; especially with highlighting the need for interdependency of peoples. Other attracting pages included the Menu prepared by Matkaz Krajnc and Matevz Kmet, as it was particular knowledge-vitamins that helped in preparing my brain for the near future – 2020.

Photo 4: Turkish and Air Agency Flags at the IAI Airport

The glance at 2030 from Challenge:Future was really cool to read as it brought views of many people within the communities (nice presented on colourful bars). Colin Egan and Luka Zakrajsek most moved me – maybe because of the mention of “...African Sane..” and “....music” respectively. Management Dimensions in 2030 is another piece that I enjoyed, as I’ve started to grow an interest in the area of ‘management’. Thus, an opportunity to see what the future of management would look like did catch my attention. Of all the views – pessimistic, realistic and idealistic view; I’d say having the knowledge of the outcome of pessimism, we should take realistic steps to achieve our idealistic visions. Hope that makes sense? Reading another piece from Dan: The challenges of 2030, was a good way to end this part 2.

Photo 5: Reading about Management Dimension in 2030 (by Helmut F. Kraner) Pg 68

It was now about 4.30pm, and check-in was to start at 5.35pm, so I close the book and started getting ready. I freshened up, and took my luggage for check-in, where I got into some drama due to luggage weights, but after about 45 minutes, all was resolved and I was ready to cross to the lounge to wait for my flight to Qatar.

I quickly checked my mail, sent out some tweets and Facebook updates before getting on the plane that was Doha bound at about 7.00pm. I tried to continue reading the book on the plane, but found myself dozing, off so I offered it to the young man sitting beside me – I sure hope he read it, but he was sure impressed with the cover designed and I quickly shared the information on the back with him, as well as my contributions to the book ☺ before sleeping off. The trip to Doha was mostly spent dreaming of the future, and was often interrupted by the food service on the 5-star airline, as well as the captain’s announcement which sliced through any song that was filtering into my head from the headset.

After about 5 hours, we arrived in Doha. It was midnight, but the airport was busy. “Welcome to Doha International Airport” was the first thing I read while entering into the arrival terminal. I thought to myself after seeing the airport – “This is beautiful”. I was very much awake after so much sleep on the plane, so I got myself a sandwich and tea from the café (late-night/early-morning snack) and did a little souvenir shopping at the duty-free stores. After which I settled for the Part 3 of The future book: Challenge future way. This was the C:F culture, and I was in the best frame of mind to read and absorb the information, as all was important for any C:F community member, as this was our constitution; our holy book! Reading the containing articles in this part, as well as about the C:F 2009/2010 competition – winning ideas, summit, and future agenda, did bring up-to-date to what was happing in the C:F world, as I was not able to be at the summit.

Photo 6: Doha international Airport

Well it’s quite sad not seeing my school on the School of Fame for 2009/2010, especially I will not be there to make them make the list for 2011/2012. ☹ However it didn’t take long for me to be revived from the down-spirit, I took out my laptop and went online-again to check my mails and do some surfing – twitter, Facebook, etc. The time was about 3.30am. I listen to my favourite http://listen.grooveshark.com to songs from Nneka and Asa. I also took a look at the Sayanee’s piece on Open Community (Best Community Paper).

Although, I had read about this online before, as well as seen the video when she briefly mentioned it, I came to see the detailed explanation about the whole concept and there is no doubt, that this is a trend that would soon swallow up the way we do things.

Photo 7: Reading Sayanee’s Open Community in Doha International Airport

She asked – “Are you ready for a connected open tomorrow?” and I couldn’t but help shout “Yes!”, and when I read – “Welcome to the future!”, I said “Thank you” ☺ With that, I packed my bags and headed off for check-in which was to begin at 6.30am. By 7.30am, I was comfortable seated on the 7-hour flight from Doha, Qatar to Lagos, Nigeria. It was the final lap of the journey. I now was reading from people who I’m familiar with; people who were fellow YABs and community members. Fahd Masood blew me away on his piece on: A plea to End Irrational Generalization. He was very expressive, and spoke his mind in the simplest and most meaningful way possible. I did learn of how to step in the shoes of a citizen of Pakistan whose normal life is utterly changed due to generalization of a few extremist.

“Time Enough to love” and “The Future of communication” and definitely “Honest Wins: Ethics as New trend”, were also awesome pieces that inspired me. “Changing to honesty does not mean a cut in profit”; only if many managers and politicians are aware of this. Other papers such as “The benefit of Knowledge Sharing in a community”, “Entrepreneurship in your DNA” ,and “The Future is in design” did leave me winning-points, as I’m a firm believer of Sharing, Entrepreneurship outlook, and Creative Design.

The closing quote was a matching force to the opening; as I turned close the Future Book, with the quote from another fellow YAB: Jake Jones, when he said - “Our children will hold us accountable through negligence for the state of the world....and they’ll be right”. This assured me that on getting to Lagos (Nigeria); there was a lot of work to be done, and so far so good. I’ve been working to shape the future from the black continent.

Currently working to form partnership with the #1 organization that deals with youth in Nigeria, after which we looking at launching out to University campus across the federation to create C:F Clusters under the C:F Nigeria chapter. In the mean time, I’ve shared the book with some people – friends, colleagues, and family, especially my dad, who was really impressed, even though he found out he was in Generation X and not Y ☺

Photo 8: Part 4 on the final lap to Lagos, Nigeria on Qatar Airways from Doha

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Damla Aktan

Damla Aktan | Action team | CF Chapters

Dear Nubi!!! I am so so much inspired by your explanation of everything in such a beautiful way. You already brought the future to "today". I want to specially thank you for making me feel so much specail when seeing so much Turkey in this GREAT story! I once again felt that I am doing the truest thing in my life by being in this huge family!!! You are also welcome to our future too!

12th March, 2011 @ 7:11 PM CEST

Damla Aktan

Damla Aktan | Action team | CF Chapters

Dear Nubi!!! I am so so much inspired by your explanation of everything in such a beautiful way. You already brought the future to "today". I want to specially thank you for making me feel so much special when seeing so much Turkey in this GREAT story! I once again felt that I am doing the truest thing in my life by being in this huge family!!! You are also welcome to our future too!

12th March, 2011 @ 7:11 PM CEST

Damjan Obal

Damjan Obal

Finally read your article Nubi, and it really is an amazing Sunday reading. I'm so so so happy that C:F is spreading also into Africa, as I love your continent and think in Africa lies the biggest potential in creative youth. Thumbs up and keep up inspiring us!

13th March, 2011 @ 9:35 AM CEST

reena kataria

reena kataria

i m speechless
i m findin words to write here

i ve nevr found sucha sweet n simple article
u ve put evrythin

i cn feel yr jrny...i ws visualizin al while readin...
specialy i love d part wn u offrd to persn besides u...he he...
in jude's words insprin othrs b4 goin to sleep...

its awsm...i must say...

yet nt finishd d futur book but i promise nw i m gonna read just lik u for sure...

nice pics btw...

i m sorry if i m frgtin anythin ovr here as i m litrly strugli for words..

16th March, 2011 @ 9:36 AM CEST

Nadežda Dajković

Nadežda Dajković

Nubiiiiiiiii, greatttttttt:-)

16th March, 2011 @ 8:07 PM CEST

Nenad Rakić

Nenad Rakić

Book is a really good and can help so much ;) NUBI u are the genious ;)

17th March, 2011 @ 11:42 AM CEST

Alen Dervić

Alen Dervić

WOW! Is not enough here to say, but it will best describe your article.

18th March, 2011 @ 1:09 AM CEST

Adedayo Adeyanju

Adedayo Adeyanju | Action team

Great article, Nubi. Talk about making the best of a well...boring situation. I've gotta read the Future Book too!

18th March, 2011 @ 11:57 AM CEST

Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

I just loved this madness and connectedness with future book.. :)
Your journey with future book is part of future book for me. :) <3

29th June, 2015 @ 3:58 PM CEST

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