by C:F Team on 6th November, 2009 at 2:44 PM CEST

Our featured school is one of the most active schools in our competition: EDHEC Business School. EDHEC Business School is currently leading in the Challenge:Future by the number of students and formed teams. We were very glad to receive an enthusiastic support of Challenge:Future initiative from the school's management from the very beginning, and are happy to tell you more about EDHEC's position on innovation and sustainability, and expectations from the competition.

The initiative of Challenge:Future is considered the perfect addition to EDHEC’s renovated MSc program in Marketing Management, as envisioned by Prof. Guergana Guintcheva. She perceives the “Future of Connecting” as an integral part of the understanding necessary for the creation of new, unexplored opportunities for business development, which are the focus of the program’s newly conceived course in “Strategies for Disruptive Innovation”. The course instructor, Prof. Gaël Bonnin is happy to integrate CF’s initiative as a practical component of his course in order to illustrate the crucial role of innovative consumer insights in real-life business.

Prof. Gaël Bonnin Prof. Guergana Guintcheva

Prof. Bonnin and Prof. Guintcheva agree that Challenge:Future presents a great opportunity to combine theory with practice and give a professional perspective to the students’ academic contributions. They also appreciate the competition’s ambitious international profile that allows for an interaction between students from diverse nationalities and backgrounds in the process of devising globally representative business solutions. The EDHEC professors hope that this project will motivate a creative dialogue between students, faculty and businesses through class discussions and online communication on the CF website. The school’s objective is to share useful insights and develop a new network, while raising critical questions for the future development of both society and business.


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Ioan Dorohov

Ioan Dorohov

I agree ;)

6th November, 2009 @ 8:30 PM CEST

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