Health Interview - Dr.Praful Barvalia

by Reshma Surve on 6th January, 2012 at 3:54 AM CEST

Dr.Praful Barvalia, MD Homoeopathy: - Chairman, Barvalia Foundation & Spandan Organizations, Centre of excellence in Child care & rehabilitation at Mumbai. This foundation is a registered public charitable trust established in February 1997 with the objective of promoting holistic health & value based education. I have completed my postgraduate Paediatric research project under his Guidance. His social work is always inspiring for me, which I want to share here… Know more Holistic Foundation.

1. What is your experience of malnutrition project at Mumbai Slums, & about causes, public awareness, and management difficulties in Malnutrition?

We have been working for our public health initiative project with AYUSH, titled-“Homeopathic intervention in mainstream schools & community in urban slums for children with learning, developmental & mental health disorders”

  • In urban slums we do encounter lot of cases of anemia & malnutrition so we expanded our project &incorporated anemia & malnutrition, because without adequate issues pertaining to nutrition whatever you do in respect to mental health, will be in vain; so we conducted various camps age wise, for Malnutrition in Mankhurd, Govandi. Mankhurd has replaced Dharavi for Asia’s Biggest Slum. Where Malnutrition issues are rampant. 10yrs of working experience have the observations, almost 2/3rd population stay in urban slum. Majority are in BPL (below poverty line) section.
  • In one camp, we had examined 125 children & 71% of them had certainly low Hemoglobin. All of them were treated homeopathically. Many received supplements too.
  • Different aspect of poor nutrition, sanitation, habits, addictions, socioeconomic factors are quite pronounced as people of BPL family contribute at larger extend. Interestingly, in these Slums children start smoking, consuming alcohol, sniffing drugs at 7yrs & some of them are addicted as we confirmed through observations, on 29th April 2011.
  • Helminthiasis, malabsorption and tuberculosis contribute too.
  • The management part consists about the “HOLISTIC APPROACH.” We conducted series of seminars & workshops with teachers, parents& community leaders too. Monthly 1 session on nutrition & hygiene, value education, anger management. Specific malnutrition management is done at 3levels by our team- 1st at small household, whatever nourishing food they have & they are not adequately & consciously utilizing it &promoting these habits at family level. 2nd in definite cases of nutritional deficiency we started with supplements & 3rd most important is providing homeopathic medications.
  • In around 1000 screening we have found 468 anemic children. We have carried out hemoglobin estimation & freely given the trial of homeopathic medicine which found to be beneficial. The homeopathic prescribing has definite role to eradicate constitutional dyscresia and will enhance absorption by improving immunity. Mental health & malnutrition will always go hand in hand. “empty stomach will corrupt the mind; corrupt mind will create problem for stomach.”


Picture: Reshma (right), our C:F Action Team, Health Saviour in the midst of the interview with Dr.Praful Barvalia (left).

2. What make the physician consistent in his task in spite of failure & so your message to our youth practitioner?

The COMPASSION WITHIN will seek for the right opportunity & it will determine you to choose the right path for humanity.
Passion, Patience, Perseverance & perfection are most crucial to achieve your objects.
Do not get attracts by short term gains. Your value base of long term Vision will help you immensely
Value additions to the services, you give to your patients. Eventually, this will help you to become their FRIEND, PHILOSOPHER & GUIDE and Success will be By Product.

What's Next?

This is surely not the end of this Interview. Look out for the Health Saviours, Action Team #7's Combined Report in February 2012 when we will reveal all the rest of the interview by all other Action Team members as well!

Reshma from India, C:F Action Team #7, Health Saviours

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Jovana Djurkovic

Jovana Djurkovic | Action team | CF Chapters

Wow :) Well done Reshma... it's great that among C:F community members there are future doctors ;)

Thanks for sharing this interview. "Passion, Patience, Perseverance & perfection are most crucial to achieve your objects." - great message.

6th January, 2012 @ 7:15 PM CEST

Reshma Surve

Reshma Surve | Action team

Hey Thank you Dear...!
He is really a great & humble personality!!!!!!!!

A great inspirational source for me!!! sharing the positive energy will always motivates to chase the Goal!!! then you get the desired satisfaction of your work....!

7th January, 2012 @ 11:14 AM CEST

Kaushal Joshi

Kaushal Joshi | Action team

nice work dear!

Really vision ignites the minds... we need guidance from people like Dr. Praful, which benefit the world as a whole !

8th January, 2012 @ 1:35 PM CEST



Reshma Reshma Reshma well done epecially the part that has to do with malnutrition and moving on no matter the odds.

8th January, 2012 @ 9:37 PM CEST

Dharmesh Bhadja

Dharmesh Bhadja | Action team

What an effective work! Kya baat hai!

Thanks Reshma. And God bless you to move on and on with vision to Work for All.


9th January, 2012 @ 6:26 PM CEST

Reshma Surve

Reshma Surve | Action team

Hey thank you Kedei & Dharmesh!!!!!

Really effective work requires the Conscious Goal oriented action!!! Action counts and not words...!!!

so keep moving...!!!

9th January, 2012 @ 7:28 PM CEST

Shrikant Gujar

Shrikant Gujar

Great Job Reshma !!
Keep it Up !!!

17th January, 2012 @ 7:39 PM CEST

Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Muhammad Jehangir Khan | Action team | CF Chapters

Great Work :)

25th January, 2012 @ 11:10 PM CEST

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