Health Interview - Dr. Mushtaq

by Afrinah Ahmed on 27th January, 2012 at 8:43 AM CEST

 interviewed Dr.Rehana Mushtaq on 25 December 2011. She is currently working at Civil hospital Karachi in Observation unit II and I trust her with medicines. My aim was awareness and to know Better Health Measures in cost effective manners and I think i am little successful in this.

What side effects or changes should be reported to doctor?

Well, anything that bothers a patient can and must be reported to a doctor. What are doctors for ? They are the in charge of patients health and they definitely will take best decisions about them. Here are some of the symptoms signaling that your body may need a visit to doctor. But there are other diseases too that are not listed here and they may give rise to the similar symptoms.

  • Headache, Depression or Stress may be because of hypertension and Hypertension can lead to Stroke
  • Yellow discolouration of sclera (white outer wall of eye) may be because of Liver or pancreatic disease
  • Blood stained nasal secretion may be because of some local infections, bleeding disorders, malignancy (Nasopharyngeal Cancer)
  • Decreased appetite may possibly be because of Malignant Cancer, Stress or Depression
  • Often thirst may be because of Diabetes Mellitus
  • painless lump in neck may be because of Thyroid disease (goiter)
  • Persistent cough may be because of chronic lung disease, Cancer or Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  • Shortness of breath may be because of acute attack of Asthma, severe Anaemia, pulmonary edema, embolus or Lung Cancer
  • Chest pain is often a sign of Coronary or cardiac disease. It may also be because of Peptic Ulcer or Gastric Reflux

In general, Eyesight problems, Hearing problems, Problems with reflexes and range of motion and Problems with memory must be reported to doctors.


3rd world is facing problems, health is the biggest one, what do think can be the best solution for it?

To provide with awareness to patients through community programs and basic health units is the best solution. Media has its efficient role too. On government level build clinics and schools. Provide doctors and teachers. Provide clean drinking water. Give handouts and charity. Improve its living conditions and the lifestyle and health. Doctors can only go there and help them maintain their health. Rest is in the hands of youth and current governments.

What's Next?

This is surely not the end of this Interview. Look out for the Health Saviours, Action Team #7's Combined Report in February 2012 when we will reveal all the rest of the interview by all other Action Team members as well!

~Afrinah from Pakistan, C:F Action Team #7, Health Saviours

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Very true and to reduce your stress level, refuse to be too anxious, take life one step at a time and be grateful for what you have. All these gives the mind peace.

27th January, 2012 @ 6:58 PM CEST

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