7 battles worth winning

by Bistra Kumbaroska on 29th August, 2012 at 3:55 PM CEST

When my latest article “8 things I learned about winners” was published, I received many comments and constructive feedback. Few of them made me sit down and write this new article.

I. “Why not make a series of articles like this!?” by my friend and teammate Dan

II. “I like it but It seems like another pro-western type of text that only spreads the fragrance of money. But you believe in this, which makes you a winner”, by my recent friend Marija who I officially invite not only to be a visitor but become a member of c:f community :)

III. “Winning is one thing, but which are the battles?” by intelligent and profound Ane

Those comments made me think. So, I decided to start a countdown! Every week I will publish another article that will challenge your way of defining, thinking and understanding the concept of winning. Hopefully, it will inspire, raise or nurture the winner in you. I started with “8 things i learned about winners”, now i will move to “7 battles worth winning”, and in few weeks I will end up with only 1 thing, 1 topic, summarizing most of what we’ve read and gone through together. Feel free to suggest and share your opinions. I am open to hear all you have to say! :)So let’s start with the 7 battles worth winning!

1. Yourself

“It’s not about others; it’s about you winning, and winning over yourself”, an ancient buddhist proverb says. It has also been said that every man is three different individuals - the man he thinks he is, what others think he is, and what he really is. Your mind can be your best friend or your greatest enemy (and it’s the only true enemy you will ever have). Scientists today have developed several subtle psychological manipulations that help you trick yourself into changing the way you function. Try fast and fail fast. 

2. Reality

In an effort to categorize realities, philosophers came up with the concepts of objective and subjective. Objective refers to a reality that is outside your mind, and subjective refers to the inner reality of your mind. It is important to examine and grasp the objective reality as accurate as possible. Ask the right question. The most objective and accurate reality you can find around you is nature. 

3. Society

Each individual faces different societal circumstances and obstacles. If on one corner of the world people think about climate change, on another, all they can think about is how to stay alive. So how can we view the whole world as one society and not as sum of individuals? Find fertile ground for your skills, but at the same time, not just build your own value, but add value in the world — to give back and pay forward. 

4. Time

“There is a saying that you can never fight time.” NY Times report on A Climate Scientist that Battles Time and Mortality. So, how can we win the battle with time? By fighting together with it, and not against it.  You have to be aware of how you spent your time. Simply, keep a time log. There are many mobile and web-based applications that can help you track where you are spending your time. If you are serious about changing your life and achieving your goals, spend more time on the essential tasks instead of time wasters. 

5. Money

Everyone hates not having money. I hate not having money for something that is important to me. The key is to develop an abundance mentality. An abundance mentality tells you that there are always new chances and opportunities. This relieves much of the pressure you may feel if you have a scarcity mentality that makes you think you've only got one shot right now. Or it makes you feel like an utter failure just because you stumbled and things didn’t work out. Focus on the abundance, not on the lack.

6. The concept of winning 

Think about what a winner is. Is it someone with a title, prestige, lots of money or simply personal happiness!? The whole concept of winning should be revised! Latest opinion-makers suggest that winners are people who consistently invest effort, persevere, and keep getting better at whatever it is they do — regardless of whether they win anything. So winning is your competition agains yourself not against others.

7. Again - Yourself

Why again yourself? Because the battle within you is a never ending condition. I know it might sound weird but psychologists say: “Don’t forget to remind yourself. It’s very easy to slip back into your old thought patterns. A useful tool to keep yourself from slipping is to use external reminders. You can, for example, use written notes posted at places you can’t avoid seeing several times each day – your workspace, fridge and mirrors – or put a bracelet on your wrist. Seeing words or quotes that remind you can help your mind snap back into the right headspace once again. Take care of yourself as much as you do for the ones you love.

As a last sentence, I will quote Henry Sandres who says: “Sure, winning isn't everything. But it's the only thing.”



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Stefan Alievikj

Stefan Alievikj | C:F staff

Bistra, you have pointed out outstanding points in your article. I loved it and I love the whole idea of your concept for future articles. The greatest truth of all here maybe is that one need to win over himself/herself in continuance. And one needs to be winner about lot of things in life. I am sure you have met somewhere this poem; I was reminded of it by your article http://www.kipling.org.uk/poem s_if.htm - it is for winners. :)

Cheers from the south! :)

29th August, 2012 @ 8:51 PM CEST



Very true the parts I loved the most is believing in yourself NO MATTER the odds and winners never stay down NO MATTER how many times they have fallen.

29th August, 2012 @ 10:04 PM CEST

Bistra Kumbaroska

Bistra Kumbaroska

Stefan, you have pointed out one of my favorite poems, which was hanging in my room while my bachelor studies :) I am happy to see that you and Kedei were touched by the topic and points made! Believing in yourself is definitely a virtue and only by practicing good habits we can achieve it.

30th August, 2012 @ 12:20 AM CEST

Marija Drenkovska

Marija Drenkovska

I have to agree with Bistra, winning doesn't look like a knight in a shiny armour, victoriously prevailing its foe on the battlefield, undefeated and scratchless. Instead, I see it more as Rocky did:
"It ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done."

30th August, 2012 @ 11:19 AM CEST

Bistra Kumbaroska

Bistra Kumbaroska

Marija, you have wrapped up one of the most important points in only few words! Thank you for that :) Hope to read your insightful comments more often :)

30th August, 2012 @ 12:02 PM CEST

Samuel Duru

Samuel Duru | Action team

Well done Bistra! Battles are inherent in human existence - but the greatest battle is of the mind(self). Winning begins with you, if you can conquer the battle in your mind - you won already. You are what you think! It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference. "One characteristic of winners is they always look upon themselves as a do it yourself project." - Waitley Denis

30th August, 2012 @ 3:48 PM CEST

Gershon Lumor

Gershon Lumor

waw this a real stuff of a power-idea.i love that and i want more of these from you.

3rd September, 2012 @ 2:20 PM CEST

Vidosava Gajovic

Vidosava Gajovic

One of the first characters that came to my mind when I started thinking of people obsessed with wining was Monica from the famous US sitcom ‘Friends’: D She was becoming quite ‘passionate’ when playing a certain game within the crew:)
Anyhow, I would agree with Bistra’s points regarding the seven battles worth winning and would add a personal battle or it is better to say a personal motivation that drives me to keep ‘doing’ – Envisioned future. It is a challenging, rocky road to that future point, but my mind and heart always feel calm when in the middle of the ‘emotional giving up storm’ I have an answer of the repeating question in my head – Why I needed this?
Hope to read more from you dear BC!

3rd September, 2012 @ 11:17 PM CEST

Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

I would say in other words WINNERS = FOOLS .. thanks to ranjan malik i understood this termiinology and realised wer i stand

1) - Fools are impractical dreamer : they dream those things which others cant think to do or dreams

2) Fools lost on NOW: They dont care about yesterday & tomorrow (they love being with them self, love dancing)

3) Fools dont care about permission or directions (Self entitled, self licences)

4) Fools leaps before they thinks (people who thinks too much are losers) .. they are low leap threshold - they will jump even they konw only 20% surely of success... :)

5) Fools asks naive & strange questiins (They are too busy asking basic questions, which some cant understand in 1st strike) -- they are deep enquiry,, they have different way of thinking .. they minded thinking on that way.

6) fools are generative . . . they are value generator ... they wil think less on wheter its gonna work or not -- they will not waste on it.. they will focus on make it work ... . they find good in good and good in bad too...

7) fools are infectious in positive way ... their positivity and belief r infectious.. n ppl start joining them . .

8) fools are hopelessly optimistic

4th September, 2012 @ 9:02 PM CEST

Bistra Kumbaroska

Bistra Kumbaroska

Samuel, Gershon, Vida - thank you very much for your comments! Why I needed this? - is a question that will surely be included in one of the following articles :)

Jatin, foolishly or not, i do understand your point of view. This is something i should have included in 8 things i learned about winners. It would have been the 9th thing! :) Always out of the box! :)

5th September, 2012 @ 8:39 AM CEST

afrinah ahmed

afrinah ahmed | Action team

Whaatteee perfect piece Bistra !!

And well yess, the hardest battle to win is against your own self , but the greatest of all, is the battle to survive in this world, making name, fame & earning money & true relations !

And i totally love your idea of coming up with such articles, please do continue this !

Also thank you Stefan, for reminding me of this beautiful poem, i read that years ago, but couldn't understand it, but now, reading it today, i can understand every single of it's line, thanks.

6th September, 2012 @ 3:24 PM CEST

Darko Chergoski

Darko Chergoski

This article is truly inspiring. It is the first article i read after joining here and I am so going to continue to visit it.

10th September, 2012 @ 9:04 PM CEST

Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

yeah.. u r right.. i posted here by mistakke.. :P

13th September, 2012 @ 10:54 AM CEST

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