Make your own kind of music

by Ana Mihajloska on 9th January, 2013 at 10:03 PM CEST

Nobody can tell ya,

There’s only one song worth singin’,

They may try and sell ya,

As it hangs them up to see

someone like you


But you've gotta make your own kind of music

sing your own special song,

make your own kind of music even if nobody

else sing along.


As it can be seen above, this tip of the week is inspired by Mama Cass Elliot’s song.

My way of interpreting the lyrics is: Make your own kind of music = Find your own path in life.

Find your own path in life without being influenced by negative comments of people, who try to discourage you and tell you that you are not good enough to do this or that.

Do stuff that make you feel happy and accomplished. Try out new things, learn, explore! It doesn’t matter if you fail, the thing that is important is to broaden your horizons, stretch your thinking, become aware of what you are capable of doing best and even discover that you are good at something you never thought of before.

For example, when was the last time you painted or drawed? Played an instrument or learned to cook something new?

Revive the child in you. Curiosity is the thing that helps us see the world from a whole different perspective.

Go dancing! Recently, the interest about newer sports, like zumba, has increased drastically. So why not forget about everything and have an ultra fun time with a good cardio workout mixed with latino music?

Even if the situation is something like this one:

Image credit

Sing karaoke! (Even if you are not the best singer)

Make a snowman, a snowball fight, freestyle snowboarding only with your shoes!

Take on a challenge. Maybe something like this:

“Make your own kind of music even if nobody else sings along.” – Gather the courage to do something daring, something that YOU would like to do, even if everybody thinks that you have gone insane.

Do not ever complain that you are bored. There are so many things to do in this such short lifespan. Expand your horizons. Never stop! 

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Ana Mihajloska, Writers Action Team #9

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Stefan Alievikj

Stefan Alievikj | C:F staff

Classic song = great intro!
Ana you are sending LOUD and clear message!

Hats off!

10th January, 2013 @ 9:20 PM CEST

Andrea Topić

Andrea Topić | Action team

It doesn’t matter if you fail,

Like this quote :D

13th January, 2013 @ 1:40 PM CEST

Syed Sajja Shah

Syed Sajja Shah

Creative intro! I feel the energy flowing within me! VERY MOTIVATING! :D

13th January, 2013 @ 9:11 PM CEST

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