Eastern Europe Survey 2013

by C:F Team on 12th March, 2013 at 1:57 PM CEST

In Challenge:Future, the voice of the youth voice is always heard and cherished. Here is a your chance to contribute to built the global youth perspective on Eastern Europe region and shape its future prospects. Take part in AT Kearney Eastern Europe Survey 2013, available from 4 March - 20 May 2013. This survey is open to all registered C:F members. Your opinion counts! Furthermore, you have the chance to win unique prizes:

- copy of the latest book “Beating the Global Odds” by Paul A. Laudicina (Chairman Emeritus, A.T. Kearney and Chairman of Global Business Policy Council). The book is said to be a the ultimate road map to building a better, more cohesive, and more coherent tomorrow, for your business, your world, and yourself, designed to help business leaders and readers to overcome the confusion of the 21st century and start working together with clear purpose.


 - copy of the one-and-only global youth magazine C:F Time! How will the awards be distributed? By a lucky draw among all fully fulfilled surveys, done every week! The sooner you fulfill, the more chances you have to be a winner in the lucky draw. Each week, 2 copies of the book and 3 copies of C:F Time will reach 5 lucky winners. The first round of winners are: 1) Manu Bhadoria from New Zealand 2) Jasper de Vries from Netherlands awarded with the book “Beating the Global Odds” by Paul A. Laudicina and 3) Hetal Vyas from India 4) Davor Nađi from Croatia 5) Kedei Inah from Nigeria awarded with a copy of C:F Time Magazine! Congratulations to all and thank you for your contribution! More lucky winners shall be announced on the following dates:

  • March 25th 2013
  • April 8th 2013
  • April 22nd 2013
  • May 6th 2013
  • May 20th 2013



25 March 2013 Winners:

Paul A. Laudicina’s book “Beating the Global Odds” goes to:

 Sumit Kumar from India

 Nensi Bangoura from Slovenia


C:F Time Magazine goes to:

 Denis Kotov from Lithuania

 Undral Amarsaikhan from Mongolia

 Ince Iksan from Indonesia


8 April 2013 Winners:

Paul A. Laudicina’s book “Beating the Global Odds” goes to:

 Sleshi Desta, Ethiopia

 Caterina Farin, Italy


C:F Time Magazine goes to:

 Camelia Christiana Dan, Romania

 Altynay Ussembekova, Kazakhstan

 Violeta Mickoska, Macedonia

22 April 2013 - NEW round of Winners:
Paul A. Laudicina’s book “Beating the Global Odds” goes to:
Lyubov Govorina from Russia
Jovana Djurkovic from Montenegro

C:F Time Magazine goes to:
Gloria Dwomoh from Ghana
Wajahat Ali from Pakistan
Afrzal Hossain from Bangladesh


6 May 2013 Winners:

The book "Beating the Global Odds" goes to:

Rohit Kashyap from India

Maja Adjioska from Macedonia


And CF Time Magazine goes to:

Ayodeji Okunlola from Nigeria

Wajahat Nassar from Pakistan

Beatrice Floricel from Romania


Take 5 minutes of your time and participate in AT Kearney Eastern Europe Survey 2013!

C:F Team

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Jovana Djurkovic

Jovana Djurkovic | Action team | CF Chapters

I have completed the survey, and can't wait to see if I am among happy winners, because have feeling that this book is GREAT, and I can say to all future winners of C:F Time magazine - it is the most inspiring magazine that you will ever read! :))

Good luck everyone! :D

13th March, 2013 @ 2:41 PM CEST

Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

Good luck to all of you!

CF ! We Love you , to provide us such a great oppertunity

13th March, 2013 @ 3:11 PM CEST

Natasa Mirovic

Natasa Mirovic

I have completed survey, too :D and I hope to win this valuable award because, as Jovana said, the book is excellent. :) I'd love to gain new knowledge and vision. :) I wish all the best to you C:F Time Magazine. Best regards. :)

13th March, 2013 @ 3:32 PM CEST

Hitesh Thakkar

Hitesh Thakkar

I also done survey....

13th March, 2013 @ 6:09 PM CEST

Nnanke Inah

Nnanke Inah

I have completed the survey and I won this week's prize, YEEPEE.

14th March, 2013 @ 8:11 AM CEST

Nnanke Inah

Nnanke Inah

Sorry not me but my sister, Kedei

14th March, 2013 @ 8:12 AM CEST



I won the C:F Time Magazine, for this week's prize. Thanks C:F

14th March, 2013 @ 8:30 AM CEST

Vesna Đukanović

Vesna Đukanović

Congrats. sisters Inah :))
I filled in that survey,too.
Like all the people who have done the same I hope that my answers were good enough to win this unique prize :)))
Greetings from MONTENEGRO ;))))

14th March, 2013 @ 12:31 PM CEST

Danna Joyce Chavez

Danna Joyce Chavez | Action team

Congrats everyone!:DD

15th March, 2013 @ 9:09 AM CEST

Hitesh Thakkar

Hitesh Thakkar


22nd March, 2013 @ 4:58 PM CEST

Sessario Bayu Mangkara

Sessario Bayu Mangkara

congratulation :)

8th April, 2013 @ 4:06 AM CEST

Vesna Đukanović

Vesna Đukanović

Waiting for new results :D

8th April, 2013 @ 11:58 AM CEST

Syed Mehmood Kazmi

Syed Mehmood Kazmi | Action team

Congratulations :)

29th April, 2013 @ 1:15 PM CEST

Len Leng

Len Leng

Congrats guys!

4th May, 2013 @ 6:52 AM CEST

ismail suleiman

ismail suleiman

congratulations to you guys

7th May, 2013 @ 10:06 PM CEST

priteshkumar wankhade

priteshkumar wankhade


9th May, 2013 @ 12:29 PM CEST

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