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Nikhil Kumar

I am a student of Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida. Pursuing Post graduate diploma in management (International Business). Currently in 1st year. From my graduation days I have always wondered where the world is heading towards. Everybody is trying to solve daily life problems at the cost of our own future. Everybody is worried about the future but is busy doing nothing about it. I have seen my colleagues wasting valuable resources like water, electricity saying we have paid for it, we waste it as we like. From the very first day here, I have been trying to change this mentality and I can proudly say now that for one we are now more than a dozen fighting against wastage. Our institue is Ecofriendly campus. Recently we stopped using plastic bags inside the institute. These activities install passion, commitment inside us to save mother earth .

Challenge Future is one such event which is preparing youth to be prepared and be an active part of our own future. Such events boost our spirits and make us feel that yes future is ours and we are going to shape it. Hats off to the idea behind C:F. I am and I will actively contribute to C:F, my future our future.



Slavko Nikolic

When I joined CF I was for almost 24 hours on this website and I was seeking for every single spark. It was both useful and fun, so I enjoyed it a lot. However, after my midterms have started, I had less time for CF. I am still there very often but not as often as I used to be. And I still enjoy it!

I am a second year student of Faculty for Information System and Technologies, which is one of five faculties that are part of University of Donja Gorica (UDG). UDG was founded in 2007, but already has around 1500 students, and is well recognized, because our students achieved outstanding results not only in Montenegro but also abroad. I am 22, and I think that studying IT is very exciting and I find myself in this area in the future. I like Challenge Future because it gives me opportunity not only to learn and use my knowledge in a creative way but also to interact with students from the region. The more we exchange our experiences and learn from each other, the more successful we will be!

I would say to all CF members to be innovative and creative, which will make this competition a big success.



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