9 Tips on How to Survive the CF Summit

by C:F Team on 4th October, 2013 at 12:50 PM CEST

C:F Summit is the most awaited event in the year. So far, three editions are behind. The program is highly intensive. From 9 AM to 9 PM; activities, sessions, jamming, funny ice-breakers, mushu-mushi and everything you can not imagine :) Check our Facebook or Twitter channel and you will feel the magic of this year’s 2013 edition! But before that, got through this article tips on how to survive a week of changing lives, surely one of the most memorable weeks of your life!


1. Play, learn the lyrics and dance on 2 songs!

Everyone at the C:F Summit will know 2 songs (‘New Tomorrow’ and ‘Waving Flag’). You will be able to sing and dance with 80 different people and be part of a mass youth karaoke every day! That is why we suggest you to listen to these 2 songs while you pack your stuff, while you travel to Slovenia, or simply anytime you can!


2. Bring goodies from your home

Make some space in  your bag and bring some goodies from your own countries, goodies that will light up the local colour of the place you come from. The CF Summit is a place where more than 30 cultures mingle together on yearly basis. It’s always good to have something to share with your new friends and have something in return!

3. Be a Ninja: Get your voice ready!

You never know when you will have your 5 minutes on the stage in front of everyone! The summit programme is designed to give voice to everyone attending the event! Got your story to share, or idea? The floor is all yours! Take a piece of paper; draft a speech; deliver it!


4. Level up your creativity

As much as you will come out of the summit inspired and boosted with creativity from all ideas and suggestions that you will collect, what you need to do first is come with head bursting with creative thoughts! You will absolutely need them! And do you know what happens when your intensively burning-with-ideas brain mixes with other 80+ such brains? Ka-Boom! Winning ideas and solutions!


5. Shift yourself into a deep listener!

It’s not all about you delivering a speech, a message or an idea. First of all you need to stay wide awake and be a deep listener!  Listen to everybody what has to stay. Listen to every trainer that is leading a workshop with you. Follow the discussions and reply to your teammates! Deep listener makes you invaluable speaker!


6. Bring the team spirit

You get to play alone on the CF Summit playground as much as you get to that in your chapter or your action team or within your team you compete with! This means: you get to play alone almost never! Stay open for team work. In few days, your closest teammates you get to work with will become the people you may miss the most after the summit is finished. You can stay ordinary apart, but extraordinary together!


7. Trick or treat

One night during this year’s summit there was a team of ‘night ghosts’ in the corridors. They went from door to door and they wrote sticky notes under the names of the participants. If you got the chance to trick them and surprise them by opening the door, you probably didn’t get your treat in the morning after. During this year’s summit other type of ‘daily ghosts’ were seen to spam the CF Mail. If you saw them, you probably didn’t get your spam message! Remember to play trick or treat during the summit. It’s fun. It brings special flavour and magic to the event :)


8. “Your wish is my command, your gossip my morning smile”

These are the very words of the wish box and the gossip box! Have a wish to sing or to say something to everyone, or to express something nice for the person you fancy, write it and put it in the wish box! Have you had a wild night and been seen by bunch of others? Get ready to make your way in the gossip box! But, that’s not the only way to this very dear box we have! Be aware of each and every word you pronounce; of each and every conversation you have with somebody else – it might all end up there… in our dear gossip-keeper!


9. Find your Wi-Fi Connection and get online!

Not all the C:F members who got a spot at the C:F Summit were able to attend it. Samuel, Syed, Jana, Hina, Hajdi, Kevin are only part of them! Thanks to Internet, they are part of all online discussions and it is your task to transfer the positive vibe of the event to them! Whether you are a fan of facebook, twitter, pinterest, or any other social media: get ready for a lot of fun online! :)


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Audrey Tangonan

Audrey Tangonan

oooops... maybe i should learn those songs in #1! :O

4th October, 2013 @ 4:11 PM CEST

Udoka Chiefe

Udoka Chiefe | Action team

Totally agree! And also don't forget to have great fun with your room mate, whoever they might be...right Audrey?

4th October, 2013 @ 4:26 PM CEST

pacifique ndayishimiye

pacifique ndayishimiye

I tried my best to know who were writing the trick ones but..... hope to see you next time

4th October, 2013 @ 5:10 PM CEST

Jovana Djurkovic

Jovana Djurkovic | Action team | CF Chapters

CF Summit is amazing experience. :D Although you have to work hard and prepare solutions or presentations, at the same time you are having lot of fun with team mates from all over the world. :D :D

Gossip box is the best part, always! :D

4th October, 2013 @ 6:58 PM CEST

Dharmesh Bhadja

Dharmesh Bhadja | Action team

No... it was not from 9 to 9... it was from morning 6 or 7 or 8 to .... depends on you.... i love it.

Amazing and memorable... thanks to organizers and youth forum for heavy load of sweet and inspiring moments

5th October, 2013 @ 4:18 PM CEST

Syed Mehmood Kazmi

Syed Mehmood Kazmi | Action team

Proud of all of you!!! Sending you more success and best wishes!!! God bless.

5th October, 2013 @ 4:57 PM CEST

Bistra Kumbaroska

Bistra Kumbaroska

Oh, Audrey! The songs were played several times, and both were the background music of a video we showed. Too bad there was not enough time to dance more on them :)
Dharmensh, from 6 to (undefined)! I agree! :) :)

7th October, 2013 @ 10:04 AM CEST



i Like the number #1 and #3 tricks :-) it seems like a huge fun with alot of Learning.

8th October, 2013 @ 9:34 PM CEST

Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

wish that these could be stopp.

missing u all people.........the great team of CF Summit

28th October, 2013 @ 11:13 AM CEST

Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

wish that these days could be stopp.

missing u all people.........the great team of CF Summit

28th October, 2013 @ 11:13 AM CEST

Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

yes u r right. Dharmaish .
there was no time to be offf.................it depnedns .........(Smilling)

28th October, 2013 @ 11:17 AM CEST

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