Minutes with Jose Antonio Morales!

by C:F Team on 21st January, 2014 at 10:28 AM CEST

This week, our on-line interview route with award-mentors from the current QC My best fail story of the year 2013 continues with Jose Antonio Morales. Jose is Chief Failure Officer at The Fail and Fear Conferences and founder of http://lincolnisland.com. Ready to hear some more from Jose himself!? Here we go!

CF: You are part of an amusing growing initiative, The Fear and Fail Conference, which feels for sure that aligns with the current C:F Quick Challenge. Could you explain first for the global C:F community, what is this initiative to contribute for society?

We’d like to participate in the creation of a society that acknowledges that fear and failure can be useful and acceptable. We’d like to contribute to create the conditions necessary for a thriving and entrepreneurial society. On one side, fear and failure can paralyze. On the other side, recognizing fear and failure can provide wisdom, growth and many other benefits.

CF: Can you share shortly a piece of maybe your best fail story in life so far, in terms of developing your visions to reality?

The problem with past failure stories, is that after a while they become part of a story of success and they no longer feel as a failure. A few years ago I caught an opportunity to move from Slovenia to New York with my family. The conditions were great; we got premium health insurance, housing and school for my kids… I assumed an important and creative role for a small company and the project was extremely motivating. Moving to NY meant many things: my wife would travel with a companion visa and that means no working permission; my kids would have to start school in English; my business in Slovenia would have to be closed.

After more than a year in NYC, I started finding some conflicts and potential problems. I expressed my worries and proposed alternative solutions. The manager transformed from receptive to defensive and the environment became hostile. More than that, every other team member felt the same and I observed some unfair situations all around. Sharing my worries caused a very negative environment and my solutions would not spark any light. After few months trying to improve the situation, I felt as if my values were being mistreated. I transformed the problem in a moral issue, making myself a paladin of my ideals. That caused even a stronger reaction from the manager. I decided to resign.

From one side the decision was right. But on the other side, my decision was not going to help the business to succeed. My contribution in the company didn’t achieve any lasting effect, and today the company isn’t operating anymore.  I’m not saying that the manager is guilty, or that I’m guilty. What I’m saying is that I failed to achieve the business goals, I failed to overcome the conflicts I encountered. Transforming my position in to a defender of noble values helped me to take a decision but harmed my attempts to improve the business.

While deciding to resign, I was determined to get the best out of our time investment in the US. All the family registered to fantastic training courses, we bought books, we visited as many museums as possible. We wanted to return home, to Slovenia, nourished. I started the ideation process for what was going to be my new business and found the right partners. Since we returned, I’m living the happier moments of my life to date.

CF: One of your core activities also rotates around Lincoln Island Research Society that wishes to build a community of business adventures. What adventures awaits entrepreneurs behind the Lincoln Island Research Society?

Lincoln Island is the result of the decision of returning to Slovenia. The training courses, and the introspection I went through helped me to find out what I really like doing, I also find out a better definition of myself.

I’m an entrepreneur, and that is an adventurer: someone that loves the feeling of excitement when a new opportunity for discovery arises. I enjoy meeting new people, building new relationships and I feel useful when I can contribute with them. Although I’m a partial introvert, there is nothing as gratifying as the feeling of belonging. I know by experience that having unrelated entrepreneurs out of their offices, in a relaxed environment, produces without exception, new ideas and cooperation opportunities. Therefore, as you may already predict Lincoln Island is there to setup events and trips designed for that purpose.

From traveling to Peru for experiencing great people, great food and amazing adventures in the Andes or the Amazon rain forest, to short staying adventures to discover the stories behind one of the most successful rural regions: Austrian South Styria. We have in mind to organize multiple events in different countries with the intention of motivating our growing community to travel and meet new people. I have a personal ambition and it is to change the concept of the traditional conference, into something more interactive.

CF:  Where do you see the new uprising generations going? They (we) are the ones to re-create and re-shape current societies in terms of education, business environment, thus what is the best advise you would give to this community and to youth in general?    

As always, today is a good day to be alive. The new generations are definitively going to place humanity to a higher level, where global citizenship, equality, diversity and sustainability are going to be top priorities. But that wouldn’t be possible without  the success and failure of previous generations.

Do not forget that younger and older, expert and ignorant, local or foreign: we are all together, we need each other to fulfil our individual potential. Every single word or idea that separates a group of human beings from others, are just words or ideas. First of all, never forget that you are part of something bigger, you’ll never be alone.


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Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali


22nd January, 2014 @ 8:17 AM CEST

marjolein van Mooselar

marjolein van Mooselar

indeed, amazing opportunity to have such creative, inspiring and experienced person as mentor!

I will try to live today in the spirit of "today is a good day to be alive"

24th January, 2014 @ 9:21 AM CEST

Ravi Thakkar

Ravi Thakkar

Nice inspiring

16th February, 2014 @ 12:01 PM CEST

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