SAMSARA. The circle of life

by Stefan Alievikj on 21st April, 2014 at 6:24 PM CEST

It seems like Life on Earth have never reached such a fast pace of running, and have never seem more crazy and more wild. This fast run have brought us many advantages, but also many challenges to which as humans we must engage and focus big portions of our energy in solving out; or big portions of energy in informing ourselves and understanding those challenges.

As humans, there is no doubt we have successfully managed in modeling this planet to our own needs, modifying it to meet the constant demands of our growing population. By modifying the Earth, as humans we have reached a point in time where our effects could no further be taken sustainable. Our only home is now in a constant demand for a far more sustainable way of life. As each day passes by, we must think faster and smarter and we cannot do that if we do not stop occasionally and take a look at the general picture. So, here is a suggestion how…

capture from Samsara (2011)

Produced in 1992, the movie "Baraka" truly captured life on Earth at the verge of the 20th century. Baraka provides us with a rich and vast overview of the diversity of life on our planet, of the customs of many different people, furthermore to landscapes: urban and rural; most importantly the movie delivers a message of how developing countries end up in the eclipse of the developed world. This all gets double-emphasized with"Samsara".

The world has changed in great manner after the two great wars and entered the Great Acceleration period. Today, around 20 years after the release of "Baraka", "SAMSARA" was brought by the same crew in 2011. Under the title "Samsara" (meaning: the continous flow; the repeating process of birth, life and death), Ron Fricke (director) and Mark Magidson (producer) have once again managed to capture the rhythm of the Great Acceleration age on the Earth. From Bali, Indonesia to deep in the deserts of Namibia, Africa where metaphorically the forgetfulness to human race may sleep (possible interpretation); to explaining where our daily meat dishes comes from (CLICK HERE), to the capture of a Thousand Hands Dance show… there is so much to life on Earth we are generally not aware of.

It is unimaginable anyway to put the whole diversity of our lovely planet in a less than two-hour film; however we can by far sense the rhythm of our planet, the rhythm of the Great Acceleration moreover. We can feel that everything is changed since 20 years ago when we got the chance to see "Baraka" (see review of Baraka here). The comparison would show us that everything has grown more complex ever since and we can still wonder how more complex life will be in 20 years from now.

As this week the world celebrates the International Earth Day on 22nd of April, we suggest that you check out this beautiful piece of work filmed in 33 countries worldwide and to celebrate life on Earth. More importantly, there is the stimulation that Samsara will make you think and contemplate on some planetary problems anew. 

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Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

inspiring article by great Stefan Alievikj

2nd May, 2014 @ 7:47 PM CEST

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