Growr: Career Growing Tips of the Week

by C:F Team on 25th August, 2014 at 5:54 PM CEST

Growr is growing and now it is having its Facebook community page. You can follow it here as each week the Growr team shares some insightful tips for career growth, small pieces of advice and wisdom to help you

Tip of the week no. 1

What you have done so far

When you are asked at a job interview about your work experiences, it is not just about saying what you have done, it is about quantifying the value of those things. So, you have been in a certain job for a year - so what? So you recently implemented a certain social project - what benefits came out of it? You were put in charge of an initaitive - why did that turn out to be the best idea ever? 

Tip of the week no. 2

Tell what you can do

For your CV or for the job interview, always provide the proof. Try to find a way to boil down your achievemnts into hard nuggets of undeniable, triumphant facts; percentage boosts of social media uptake, sales figures raised over how much time, number of co-workers you made weep with joy, etc. This is what it really counts

Tip of the week no.3

Discover yourself and follow your path

We are far more than just a body but majority of us will never discover in what we are the best, the strongest, the most passionate, the most valuable to the world. The first step to touch your inner you is to answer these three simple questions. You will find out what drives you, what your fuel is, what is the trigger that forces you to jump into the action even when you are tired and energy less. That's it, simply follow your path. 

1. What are my goals that I would like to achieve?
2. What are my talents that make me so unique?
3. What is that, that ignites the fire in me?

And sometimes when nothing works, we simply need "a jump start". It can come from a sincere peer mentor...

Growr is in your hands

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