Little Love Story From Pakistan (part I)

by Nayyab Batool on 21st November, 2014 at 11:24 AM CEST

On the Roads Towards Life (part I)

Love is nothing but eyewash, once you start running for it, the whole life will end up finding nothing but a deep regret. That’s what I use to thought because it was something I wanted to believe for the rest of my life. What do you expect from a girl living under the dark shades of caste, wealth, ethnicity, status and pride? A world of need holding upon the superiority of themselves, where all the desires, dreams and relationships are being treated on the standard of pride.  

Today while sitting on a beautiful couch of this well decorated home which is all set according my dream house, I am waiting for the one who brighten up my life with the shining stars of love, helped me to realize the worth of it, my beloved husband who introduced me to the world where love is everything, the strength of soul, power of relationships, beauty of life and the bond of hearts. It’s our first anniversary and I am sure Ayaan would be arranging some great surprise for me because he knew that I love surprises and he loves me.

In all these cherishing moments, there is something which is taking me to the flash backs of what happened one year back, a painful journey towards the realization of true relationships. I guess I am missing a special person of my life, my first love, my Father, the reason behind this winning and I want him to be here with me on this special day when we won the fight against cruel system of traditions and caste surrounded by the walls of ethnicity. It’s the day we defeated these boarder lines of pride. Though still we are on the turning page, there are a lot of curtains to be pulled off, a lot of windows to be opened but I am sure, and one day love will occupy all the hatred. 

I am Shanzay Sajjad, a pure Punjabian and Rajpoot by caste, which makes our family a prestigious one where bond of relations are based upon the prestige of family. If you are not on the same page you can’t even think to be a part of us. I was brought up with all these stereotype thoughts and mindset. The only thing making a window for fresh air was the love of my father for me, that’s why I was going to be the first female who was about to pursue her university career. Meaning of life for me was to live in my own world surrounded by books, my only best friends because for choosing them I don’t have to care about my standard and pride along with a wish list in my diary I wanted to fulfill. My wishes were not so big to be fulfilled, what I wanted was just to be loved by someone special and to touch the sky for once that’s why air force was my passion, but guess what, our family’s pride was bigger than anything in the world so I gave up until I was realized by someone that your life is not a white board of classroom where anyone could write and erase whatever they want to, life is a golden pearl earned only once.

It was the first day of university, after finding a seat and checking out some books suddenly I was accompanied by a young, cute and quite handsome boy asking for permission to introduce him, and before I could say anything he just started to chat. I wanted to stop him with my rude attitude but, for the first time I realized the magical power of sparkling eyes like a golden trap, his bright, shinning eyes were filled with pleasure of talking to someone precious. According to him, he was Ayaan Lakhani, having arm force background and the first one from his family who wasn’t perusing his career in army. I know I should have stopped him right there because he was from Karachi, having a pure Sindhi background and that makes a lot difference for me but I don’t know what bound me towards him, that day was the first one in my whole life, when I felt like living.


Each day was bonding us in love; he changed my world in a way I never expected; now I was a totally different Shanzay, confident, bold, and full of life. But as it’s said, you can run but can’t change what’s coming, until you face it at last, so I had to face the best and worst day of my life at once.

(to be continued)

Short story by Nayyab Batool 

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Vesna Đukanović

Vesna Đukanović

Very interestiñg...I am waiting to discover what happened....:)

24th November, 2014 @ 12:39 PM CEST

Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali


24th November, 2014 @ 2:50 PM CEST

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