Little Love Story From Pakistan (part II)

by Nayyab Batool on 27th November, 2014 at 2:08 PM CEST

On the Roads Towards Life 

(part I is available HERE

It was our farewell eve, filled with excitement and a little sadness of finally leaving the institute. I knew Ayaan was up to something but what was it going to be me had no idea until that happened. All the lights got out and when it came back in few seconds, the whole floor was covered with fresh petals and couples were standing holding hands while making a clear sentence and the sentence was “Will You Shine for Me Forever?” In front of me it was Ayaan, he hold my hand and again asked the question. What was my answer could be, it was the best moment I ever felt, the realization of someone’s love for you, but then the reality hit me really hard saying, Shanzay you are not allowed to love someone, so I turned back.

On that day I said farewell to my life because I knew I can’t fight those stereotyped traditions and prestige measures. But that’s not true, I read a quote once and never believed it then until now, “true love isn’t easy but it must be fought because once you find it, it can’t be replaced”. So Ayaan came back to fought for his love, I still remember what he said to my father.

He Said: “Mr. Sajjad, I am not here to argue but to remind you what you forgot, you have been failed to remember your pretty doll who was the love of your life once, these traditions and so called measures have fall apart that beautiful magical happiness you felt with your princess. She was the reason of your life and now you are demanding her to give up for what is her reason of life”.

Love doesn’t need to be perfect but to be true and that’s why it will always win at the end. So we won too, My father took a stand for me in front of whole family, although the way was filled with obstacles, thorns and hurdles but it doesn’t matter when someone special is holding you with care.


Now it’s been a year and I believe on one thing, as strength of true love had changed my life once, same as one day it will surely shaken up the empire of pride and ethnicity and that day will rise very soon.

Short story by Nayyab Batool

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Maria Steinsson

Maria Steinsson

Looking forward to more stories from Growr initaitives! Keep it up Nayyab


12th December, 2014 @ 12:26 PM CEST

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