August Letter from Editor

by Stefan Alijevikj on 12th August, 2015 at 5:18 PM CEST

2015 - officially the year when the catastrophic consequences of climate change are here

It’s not anymore something that “will happen” in an uncertain and not defined future tense, but 2015 really is the year when the consequences are here. For instance, it was followed by a major publication of the Rolling Stones that we are the point of no return, that the climate change nightmares are already here. Read full publication on Rollingstone.com here.

The talking, but also major actions have been taking place for years, but have we made the real and truthful calculations, and have we jeopardized the natural order on this planet with failing to do so much more action needed?

When pondering on questions like this, other questions concerning what are my life options for the future come to my mind. Should I still go for a MA degree or Doctorate? Should I focus on having a house, a car, a family to hold on, or should I totally exclude these from my future life options? It would be a heavy thought to digest for any of us, but climate changes effect are unraveling like the petals of flowers which are growing in their spring.

Then, the logical steps, the logical life options that could come to our mind would be: how can I personally contribute in saving the bee? How can I personally contribute to saving endangered animal or plant species? What are my powers to protect waters; to protect the rivers, the lakes, the seas, the oceans? What powers do I hold in protecting the forests?  How many trees I can plant this month that will continue growing in the years to come? Should these be my major life options, and not going for the degree, for the promotions, for the family and the house and the settled life? The truth is, some of these questions could bring the majority of our life missions in our nearest future, and until when we shall delay them? As we have arrived at the point of no return, I think that there is no place for delay anymore.

The reinvention processes are now big time present all over the globe, and it’s our responsibility as The Human race living on this planet to give our contribution, to educate and act smarter than ever in this process. The Challenge:Future community has made it exemplary for many a times over the past almost 6 years that systematic smart thinking and acting glocally with real-time huge effects is really possible and achievable. Another chance that we proof that is also the CF IMPACT program with its 2 active directorships at the moment, and 2 more forming as we speak. I am sure that only through our extended community habits as future:challengers we will be able to act more smart and more resilient than ever to the climate changes and give our lives a more profound meanings.



Snapshot of my cactus whom I have forgotten outside during the winter. It was almost close to dying, but I kept taking care for it last minute. It's amazing how resilient this plant prooved to be. It's now blossoming again Let's observe more from the nature around us and learn about our own inner capacities of what we are able to do as humans

PS Editors of the Challenge:Future are open for your stories on climate change effects in your region. If you feel like sharing and addressing an issue, a solution… then just feel free to comment under this letter or contact us via helpdesk 

Thank you 

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Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

Dear Stefan Alijevikj .

its really an amazing and helpfull initiative towards climate change.

19th August, 2015 @ 2:35 PM CEST

Stefan Alievikj

Stefan Alievikj | C:F staff

Muhammad, what would you personally address?

26th August, 2015 @ 8:31 PM CEST

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