Go Ahead and Be A Fool

by CF Team ft. Vladimir Nikolic on 19th January, 2016 at 8:46 PM CEST

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Vladimir Nikolic* (Serbia), shares the Growr TIP No.3 for 2016, which says: "Go Ahead and Be A Fool"

TIP no3 / 2016: "A Divine Fool, THAT IS. I emphasize 'that is " because it always essentially is. It is the primal consciousness within us all.

The consciousness of the observer, the higher perspective and the self that, not as a fool lacking wisdom, but a Fool thirsting for it. WE grow and learn much quicker when we acknowledge the Fool within. 

The acknowledgement is not only humbling but essentially playful. 

Detaching one self from the banality and idiosynchracy of the ego and allowing our fool within, a room to play can manifest wonders in our life. This consciousness, super-consciousness or whatever one wants to call it is the "YOU" before You became You, or Tom,Brenda or Geraldine with a diploma.

To take time to view things as a divine fool is to see things anew, like a child sees the world. It puts things into perspective when we allow ourselves to be the observer instead of the actor in a play. 

It is that self when we look up at a clear night sky and witness the myriad of stars and the brush stroke of the milky way. When your 'breath is taken away' by the sheer wonder of it all.

This is not only a good exercise but it's much more than that. It is much more than a TIP. It is the Tip of the iceberg what this Fool is. When we allow our Divine Fool room to play , we allow our innermost self to shine through and in the process unlock the Inner Voice or what some people refer to as Intuition.

So go ahead and be the Fool...often they are the accidental heroes to many stories."

*Vladimir Nikolic is an artist and graphic designer, who have traveled and lived in many countries of the world, and now is based in Macedonia. 

Take a look of his artistic work at: http://petelpaun.com/


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