Developing Innovative Solutions for Dojran Lake

by C:F Team on 20th June, 2016 at 4:48 PM CEST

C:F team and its network in Macedonia are observing happenings around the Dojran Lake in 2016

The Euro-Mediterranian Center on Climate Changes [ CMCC ] hosted a two day training on the 1st and 2nd of June this year in Dojran. The training gathered participants from the Dojran region, including our friends and collaborators from Renatura [collaboration within the c:f impact program]. The participants had an opportunity to take part in sessions through which they were able to boost their skills in project writing. Further on, they were able to brainstorm and develop a project proposal daft that tackles the environment protection and restoration of the Dojran Lake and its surroundings through introduction of permaculture in this region.

To give a further context, the Dojran Lake relived a large catastrophe in the late XX century, where in the period from 1988 to 2002, the average water level decrease was 34 cm annually. In 2002, the water loss was almost 80% compared to the 1956 maximum volume. In 2002, canal system was built to return water to the lake, therefore the water levels kept on rising in these recent years. Yet, the extent to which this ecological catastrophe affected valuable biodiversity at Dojran is still not fully comprehended. [source: CMCC]

“Our team is eager to start this observation period on responsible activities that are done by conscious citizens and local and international organizations for the Dojran Lake and its surrounding. If this stimulates interest to the larger community of challenge:Future, we would be also happy to make next steps, join concrete actions or even launch a new challenge in the similar manner as we did for Lake Baikal in Russia back in the day,” states Stefan Alijevikj, president of challenge:Future.

Sunrise over Dojran Lake, photo credits: Julija Miova, C:F Action Team 

Dojran Lake and its region is an important international site as it has important natural characteristics which included the lake in: Catalogue of Wetlands, National Emerald Network, Corine Biotope site, List of Important Plant Areas in Macedonia, Important Bird Area in Macedonia, Balkan Green Belt and the World Ramsar List.

Aside CMCC, Renatura, the Macedonian Ecological Society [MES / МЕД ] and REC, the Macedonian Regional Environmental Center also participate with activities and/or campaigns to help the lake’s restoration and its return to natural habitat. On a further note, though the lake has returned to its water level, its habitat has been threatened at large by unsustainable tourism practices and industrial activities in the last couple of years. 

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Robert  Neumann-Krüger,

Robert Neumann-Krüger,

Good way to go! Wish you success and keep us updated!

15th July, 2016 @ 8:19 PM CEST

Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

its really a very nice information.

15th August, 2016 @ 7:54 PM CEST

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