On the Occasion of the 8th Birthday of challenge:Future!

by Tilen Kodrin on 27th September, 2016 at 12:48 PM CEST

I'm pretty new to the challenge:future community in comparison to other board members, so I cannot really compare how the world has changed since the time c:f was created, because at that time I was still learning how to multiply numbers under 100. But what I can do, is to reflect my opinion of the world we live in today, and look into the biggest challenge we will be facing because of it in the future...

World became a really messed up place in the past few years. If there is a god I believe no matter of his/hers/its or their origin, none of them thought about Earth, when creating her, as a planet where people will daily live in fear, struggle and constant wars all created by false believes or greed. Some live to serve god and blindly follow anything they think their religion commands. Let me ask you something. What kind of primitive god would ever command you to kill another human being, created as equally to you as to any other of us 7 billion?

On the other hand, others think we are living to improve, become better, richer, famous, stronger, smarter, and better individually or as society, but more and more I realize how human kind is just going around in circles because of doing this. One civilization rises and falls. Then another one sees the opportunity and makes the same mistakes. This happens over and over again. We add wars because of religion and here it is what we call human history. Everything that is happening today, has happened already at least once or twice before. Unfortunately we haven't learned yet, this mindset will lead us nowhere except to short term personal satisfaction of specific individuals.  Until then, nothing we do or try to change really matters because of the house of cards effect, one spoiled link will collapse the whole system. Unfortunately most people are so close minded they cannot see further then what they will put on Instagram tomorrow morning, so those who see until tomorrow evening can control vast majorities and with that the flow of events in which they benefit.

Hence comes the question, what is it we can actually do? Or is it maybe mission impossible to change this?

I believe it is not impossible, but far from easy! Certainly first thing that comes to my mind is with power of social media you can send informations to billions of people in just a few days. Peoples awareness is what we have to work on, but with strong information that will really shake people out of this intoxicated state of mind we live in right now. There are many other possibilities, but to find and more importantly accomplish them more than just one individual hero will be needed to challenge the future of our whole civilization.

Tilen Kodrin (Slovenia),
Vice President of challenge:Future

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Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Muhammad Jehangir Khan | Action team | CF Chapters

Nice words Tilen, yes you are correct individual efforts must be appreciated to gather masses for changing and challenging the FUTURE.

Hopeful that soon we will learn how to be HUMAN rather than just another living creature

4th October, 2016 @ 9:00 PM CEST

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