Faisal, Damla & Stefan: What C:F means to me?

by Faisal, Damla & Stefan on 28th September, 2016 at 2:02 PM CEST

On the occasion of C:F's 8th birthday this week, Faisal, Damla and Stefan make short statements about C:F and its development throughout the years.

C:F Senior Community Leader 

Damla & Nadya before the start of the C:F Summit in 2013 

"There are moments in life that change your path. C:F is one of those cornerstones which helped me understand that we are thousands of people all around the world connected to each other acting as invisible hands to change the world. We are those who face so many challenges, so many problems in each and every world country. Especially throughout this phase in which most of the countries have so many crisis and threats to peace, it is crucial for human┼čty to remember that peace begins with love and beliving in human power to create kindness in the universe. I believe that all the C:F gang and members around the world are the ones with positive vibes who has the mission to change the world. Yes, the world should change and we are the ones who are here to inspire the rest to be on the transition team!"

President of C:F Chapters Network 

Faisal, during the Business forum of the #CFsummit13, photo by Tomaz Deisinger 

"Today we are facing multi facet global challenges either it is terrorism, food security, economic growth and social inclusion, youth unemployment and climate change and at this glorious moment of CF 8th Birthday I reemphasize the need of collective action against the challenges we are facing because one nation alone cannot handle these and the need of the hour is to act now"

President of challenge:Future

The JUMPSTART: Crtomir Debeljak, Audrey Tan Go, Zhonghui Ding, Sefan Alijevikj & Lucian Croitoru (from left to right)

"For me, C:F is one inspiring story of collectiveness, humanity and youthfulness. It's a rare place where the young people were allowed to really fill in the blank page of what is to come next for the organization. And it is like a test for everything else in life, where we all generally are affected by decisions that were not really brought by ourselves sometimes (I mean here that, as a youth generation, we are to inherit the real problems of climate change, or young Brits are to inherit the real effects of the BREXIT, so on and so forth). 

The C:F emerged in a sort of counter-discource to this. Its development over 2016, and through the 8th birthday this week, speaks about a very young team that pushes the boundaries, by creating new policies of how it will function, and what actions are to be launched from the ground level. Many things that you start to see at the C:F today, are pure work of youth, efforts made out of scratch - the C:F IMPACT, the C:F VOICES, the C:F VIRTUAL MARKETPLACE. And there lurks a true beauty, the new drive, the peek-a-boo to a transition team in a world that is more and more uncertain every other day. It's a huge learning experience for all of us.

Secondly, in the past 8 years, C:F made tremendous work and research in general, hence collected grave knowledge of how the future will really look like. We are aware that countries, governments, organizations, businesses and individuals could all suffer in a matter of instance, and be placed in some uncanny juxtaposition. That position can be caused from war, climate change effects, overpopulation issues, resource depletion or other disaster - you name it. Therefore, we have a real life lab, where for instance we got the "gift economy" from the C:F VIRTUAL MARKETPLACE initative. I think this idea will be something that anybody will need to consider in circumastances of uncertain future, just in order to survive, to sustain, to exist and thrive, as individual and as collective. 

Finally, one of the real beauties of C:F, is that through everything we ever do, we always conclude that - we can be only ordinary apart. We are truly extraordinary when we are together - as teams, as family, as humanity. So, happy 8th birthday challenge:Future & thank you for the lessons! "

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Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Muhammad Jehangir Khan | Action team | CF Chapters


4th October, 2016 @ 9:02 PM CEST

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