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by C:F Team on 14th November, 2016 at 2:55 PM CEST

Skopje (14.11.2016) - C:F team is reaching out with the news of a brand new action that is laucnhed under C:F Voices. We invite you to compete for the challenge:global news expert challenge, available now online at the challenge:Future platform. The challenge was opened on Friday, 11.11.2016 and will run all through January 2017.

In times of growing havoc and uncertainty, our very young and new C:F board, putting efforts from Skopje, Ljubljana, Lagos & Casablanca, have decided we could all use some imagination to project positive thinking and hope, hence a challenge for the global youth to re-imagine the world we live in, by taking part in C:F's latest writing competition

With C:F Voices - challenge:global news, C:F minds to create a counter-narrative of the good, the hopeful, and of what we are certain that we want for our world right now - all to contrast current headlines which are generated by mass media on a daily basis. 

For the purposes of the new challenge, C:F team has also changed the reward system of this challenge, fusing the C:F Judges delegation with all particiapnts of the recently launched C:F Virtual Marketplace. Hence, it will be C:F community members who will judge & arrange prizes for the best submissions. All developments for this newly launched expert level challenge can be followed through the hashtags #CFVoices & #challengeglobalnews

Looking forward to your engagement & support - it would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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Robert  Neumann-Krüger,

Robert Neumann-Krüger,

Good luck to all competitors!!

16th November, 2016 @ 2:39 PM CEST

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