Benedicto Longwe from Malawi is the BIG winner of challenge:global news

by C:F Team on 19th January, 2017 at 11:59 AM CEST

During December and January, we asked you to envision a better future by virtually changing global news headlines which have disturbed you. The challenge was that you pick such news and change them as if the totally opposite had happened. 

We have received astounding submissions from Kenya, Cameroon, Germany, Nigeria, Malawi and Pakistan. They all speak volumes about the challenges that humanity is facing at present, whether they be social, environmental, climate or else

The votes of the C:F judges and the votes of the C:F community have however pointed out to one BIG winner who had addressed the most serious and most heart-breaking news story, published on the BBC on 17 November 2016. You can read it here

Ladies and gentlemen let's give a round of applause to BENEDICTO LONGWE from Malawi, who with his submission 'Cultural Misfit in the modern Century', have converted this story into the following:  

Would have loved to read "Aniva becomes the first Malawian man to denounce a cultural practice that he has lived and enjoyed for years after realizing he's HIV+ and has now become an ambassador for cultural change to help his community abandon the practice to arrest the spread of the virus among the people of his district and ensure respect for women and young girls"

Benedicto will be rewarded by the C:F Virtual Marketplace as the first place winner of challenge:global news under the action C:F Voices

We also wish to distinguish:

MUHAMMAD JEHANGIR KHAN from Pakistan and the submission 'Water is Liquid Asset', as well as

ADEDAPO OYEYEMI from Nigeria with the 'Climate Change to increase crop yield' submission

Their submissions are alarming in terms of climate change challenges and the need that humanity works united (more than ever!) in making life possible at all realms on this planet. 

Finally, one big THANK YOU to MIHAELA MAXIM from ROMANIA, MARIJA GEORGIEVSKA from MACEDONIA and JUDE CHRISTOPHER ROXAS from the Philippines as being the C:F Judges of this challenge and the open support of the C:F Virtual Marketplace initiative you provide.

Stay tuned!

C:F Team

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