3 tips you should know before attending a student conference

by C:F Team on 28th February, 2017 at 3:14 PM CEST

Attending student conferences whilst you are still at university can really help you boost your careers. The benefits are numerous. If you are newbie around, here are three simple tips you can apply before applying and/or coming to the conference 

1. Check the agenda

This is the first essential things you need to do. Checking the agenda will give you the brief idea what the conference is about. Check who are the speakers prior applying and see if their key-note speeches are something you can engage with and enter constructive dialogue. If you get accepted for a student conference, don't forget to double-check the agenda once again. It will additionally give you a heads up on sessions you may really want to attend. 

2. Dress for the occasion

First impressions, though may are sometimes overrated, are often crucial in the fast world we live in. But if you do look well-dressed and tidy, people will notice you. And who knows, some of those people might be your future employer. 

3. Networking

It's pity but sometimes many conference attendees are just passive observers of the conference and do not engage. Of course, you can be a careful listener (in case you are not a fan of speaking and engaging in the public discussions) and later approach a person whom you feel like sharing your opinion on the matter with; there are many strategies you can apply on how you behave yourself at a certain conference. Just don't shy away from the people. Conferences and youth events are an excellent opportunity for networking, getting to know new people and expanding your list of contacts. So why waste each chance? 

Below, see more details about a conference that our community member, Agus Cuello shared along: 

Apply for a student-run conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 3 days, 100 students from around the world, 40 prominent international leaders from different areas!

It's not a "business forum", but it's about global issues and development, crossing boundaries and the future. Students from every continent can apply HERE 

Contact: students@sabf.org.ar

Check more at the official web page

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