Stefan Alijevikj: History tells of awful, but also fascinating things about our civilization

by C:F Team on 27th April, 2017 at 12:59 PM CEST

In the past few weeks, we published four amazing interviews with Olga and Nataliia from Russia, with Nilloo from Iran, and Hayley from Canada. Catching up with these four amazing ladies and alumni of the CF Summit 2012, triggered what we called the C:F Snowball. Then, we took the challenge to a next level and called for all alumni to share what has changed for them in the past five years. Before we move on to read the answers of Chourouk, Sayanee or Lucian, we have called Stefan from Macedonia to answer few questions as well. Always there to answer your CF inquiries, to connect new coming CF-ers with old ones, or to challenge you with a great quick challenge, he has been around for a long time, and we love hearing from him. 

Hayley: What drives/motivates you to continue to weave this CF community?

Stefan: Since day one of being part of the CF community (and that is now a long time ago - somewhere August 2011), CF has occupied a special place in my heart. It was the first place where I could write about what I felt it was right and where members engaged in productive discussions that opened new perspectives for me. I have also come to know some of the most amazing people in my life overall. Further on, the experiences of the two CF Summits in 2012 and 2013 were the kind of events that can be hardly compared to any other events I have been part of. It's like a personal vow I have given to myself that I will always move on forward in life while working with this community. It is a unique constellation of people, and in times of rising world challenges, I do believe it has a unique capacity to generate something powerful. For example, the idea that it is all much better for humanity if we co-exist together, just like CF-ers do. 

Stefan and an awesome gang of CF-ers at the Bled Island in Slovenia, CF Summit 2013

Hayley: Where do you find inspiration in your life?

Stefan: I find inspiration in people, places, and books that can constantly fuel my strength and aspirations in life. Currently, I dedicate a lot of time in writing and research. Have done great amounts of research in history and have learned that humans have virtually moved mountains to achieve something they have previously deemed impossible. History tells of awful, but also fascinating things about our civilization. People on the other hand - I have come to spend time with so many different people and sometimes you come across persons that resonate astonishing energy, willingness and strength to move this world forward towards a future that works better for all (many of them, CF-ers at heart), so hearing their story, feeling their energy, is something that frequently reminds me, why not I follow their example, be better, be stronger at what I do, little by little, with each passing day.

Hayley: What are you doing now that you are excited about?

Stefan: Currently I am developing my own project called This City Knows. It's more of a hobby and things are going slowly, but I love the pace at which it is moving as I get to prototype different sorts of activities. It is a playful platform about cities, with tools that enable everybody to have a say about their home city or other cities they have lived in. There are other activities related to the platform, such as establishing a functional system that will aim at measuring the index of happiness among citizens in distinct cities around the world. Visitors can also engage in dialogue and promote or demote certain urban trends. It is a very exciting project, especially if you put all in the context that some megacities already act as much greater social structures than entire countries. In the future, this trend will only develop and more megacities will virtually surpass countries. How will this affect governing systems? We will see. 

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